How to Make A Small Bedroom Look Bigger

Sometimes, homeowners may have certain rooms which they would like to appear bigger than they actually are. This is particularly true for the bedroom, as you would want to impress your guests that are stopping over with the design of your home. This guide looks at different ways you can make your bedroom appear larger than it actually is.

Use Either Very Light or Very Dark Colours

When someone uses either a bright white colour scheme or dark paint, they can add contrast to any furniture or soft furnishings that you have in your room. This could create depth to a room and make it look bigger. Learn more about the best colour schemes for a bedroom

Use Hidden Storage

Another thing that you can do to make your bedroom appear bigger is to use hidden storage features throughout. This would provide you with much-needed space, as well as the necessary storage that you need for things such as clothes and shoes, blankets, or bedding. 

At Lark & Lark’s, we offer a wide range of bedroom storage features, which could help eliminate clutter and give you some extra space. 

Hang Longer Curtains

For some large windows, such as bay windows or ones that go to near the floor, hanging floor-to-ceiling curtains can be an effective way to make ceilings look higher. 

Use Few But Large Pieces of Furniture

One way you can maximize your space in your bedrooms is to use fewer pieces of furniture. It is better to use fewer large pieces of furniture rather than lots of smaller knick-knacks. You should also follow the triangle rule to create symmetry across your room on furniture, such as bedside units, standard height units, and tallboy units

This is similar for the bed, as you should pick a size that can maximize the space, so if you can fit a king-sized bed in your bedroom, then go for it!

Show Off Large Pieces of Art

Similar to the point above, if you would like to have artwork in your bedroom, then you are better off opting for one large piece, rather than several smaller pieces. This would prevent the walls of your bedroom from looking cluttered.

Spread Light Across the Room

Another way you can make the bedroom feel more expansive is by having multiple sources of light across the room. This can be done by having multiple lamps dotted over the room, rather than relying on one overhead lamp.

Use Rugs to Define Space

Area rugs can help create an illusion of more of a square space in the room. This can be placed under a feature piece, such as a part of the furniture. They can also help rooms feel finished and pulled together.

Buy Furniture With Exposed Legs

Some divan beds or other pieces of furniture with skirts can make a room feel boxy. However, by buying furniture with exposed legs, you can create the illusion of extra room, as well as giving you the option of adding under-bed storage.

Maximise Natural Light on Dark Walls

By hanging mirrors on dark walls, you are able to reflect the natural light coming from the windows and create the illusion of more natural light.


A final way you can create more space in your bedroom is simply by decluttering. This includes throwing away anything that you may not need, hanging up any clothes that are lying around, or sorting through things that can go into the loft. 

Lark & Lark’s offers a wide range of fitted bedrooms, so you can create your dream bedroom. If you would like to make the most of your space, then be sure to check our range of bedroom storage units. Finally, if you are stuck and would like some guidance from one of our friendly team, then please get in touch with us today.