Small bedroom

How to Make a Small Bedroom Look Bigger

There is little you can do about the size of your bedroom, except maybe build an extension or move house. As these options are not really viable for most of us, we’ve put together some of our best tips and design ideas to help you maximise the space that you do have. Small changes to a room can have a massive impact and transform it from a cramped, cluttered box to an open, spacious bedroom you want to spend time in.


Light it up

That age-old rule that you shouldn’t wear black on a hot day because it will soak up the sun also applies to your bedroom. Bedroom colour is crucial; dark rooms absorb light from your room and can give it a gloomy or cave-like feel. Alternatively, lighter colours reflect the light back into your room making it feel more spacious and welcoming. This a relatively cheap option compared to others, but it may take a little bit of manual labour. This doesn’t just apply to small bedrooms, master bedrooms can benefit from this tactic too.


Sometimes less is more

Take a step back from your bedroom and think, “do I need all of this furniture?”. Often the answer is no and, in that case, you can start to redesign your room to free up some space. For instance, go for just one bedside table rather than two or opt for a slightly larger wardrobe instead of having an additional chest of draws. This tip is quite simple really – less stuff means more space.


Out of sight, out of mind

Another way to maximise space in a smaller bedroom is to make the furniture you do have perform at its peak. What we mean by this is incorporating furniture that uses creative storage ideas to look small, but still contain loads of your possessions. A great example of this are beds that contain storage built into them like the image below.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to replace the bed you have now, you can try raising it yourself with raisers to free up some space underneath and store anything from clothing, bedding or shoes under there. Raising your bed isn’t the only way to free up space though; using fold up furniture that can be put away when not needed is another way to make your bedroom look bigger. Find out what bedroom storage best suits your space.


Stay low

Scrap anything high in a smaller bedroom and, if you can, remove big bulky bed frames in preference for a mattress on the floor or just slightly raised. By doing this it will give the illusion that your ceiling is higher because more of your walls will be exposed. This idea can be executed to make a room feel really spacious through its minimal style and use of bare walls.


The magic of mirrors

Excess wall space is perfect for mirrors to make your bedroom look bigger. This trick is used in shops all over the world as a way to make them seem bigger than they are at a quick glance. Avoid placing two mirrors opposite each other as this will create a never-ending void that, while looking intriguing, can also be distorting. Ideally, you want to place a mirror somewhere where it will catch the natural sunlight coming into your bedroom and light it up further along with the light paint colour scheme you have selected.


Bedroom units

The bedroom units that you choose influence your space greatly, so it’s an important decision. Handleless bedroom designs can be an excellent way to make your room seem more spacious because the walls and units are all flat and don’t stick out. These can make a room feel tidy and give an almost built-in look without having to change the layout of your bedroom.

If you have a smaller bedroom then consider some of these ideas before structural changes. Small changes such as a different colour scheme or more creative storage spaces can help you maximise the space available to you. If you are looking to upgrade your bedroom then get in touch to see how we can help.