How to Maximise Your Wardrobe Space

When you are running out of room in your wardrobe, you may feel that you have too many clothes. However, for many, this may not be the case and it could be down to a lack of organisation in your space. This blog post looks at the different ways you can maximize the space of your wardrobe.


Sort out The Clothes You Don’t Wear

For some people, the reason why you might struggle for space is that you have too many clothes. When this is the problem, you should sort through your wardrobe and say goodbye to clothes you no longer wear or like. You can either choose to sell your clothes on one of the many selling websites around, such as Depop, eBay and Vinted, or donate to a local charity shop.

Fold Your Clothes

Another way you can maximize your storage space is by folding your clothes properly. Once folded, you may notice that things such as t-shirts and jumpers take up less space than before. If you have noticed a similar problem with your drawers, then why not be creative? For example, you can hang up multiple pieces of underwear on a hanger, or you can hang a pair of trousers and a shirt on one hanger

Make Use of Vertical Space

One of the ways you can use the vertical space of your wardrobe is by using clever storage solutions, such as the Bedrooms Storage Pull Down Hanging Rail. This is perfect for those that are looking to store additional items such as shirts, jumpers or folded trousers. This won’t work for things like full-length dresses but is ideal for the majority of wardrobe items.

Maximise Floor Space

Furthermore, you can make the most out of your wardrobe by using the floor space. The bottom of the wardrobe is often neglected, but instead, you can continue to store items in there. For example, you use the drawers which you may have in your wardrobe for T-shirts or you can have plastic storage boxes to store additional garments.

Buy Some Clever Storage Solutions

Another way you can maximize your storage space is by investing in some clever storage solutions. At Lark & Larks, we offer a range of bedroom storage solutions that can fit in your bedroom. For example, we have a 3 Tier Tie and Belt Rack, which is perfect for keeping all your ties and belts in a safe place. In addition, we offer a variety of shoe racks including this 3 tier and 5 tier Pull-Out Shoe Rack, which allows you to store all your shoes in your wardrobe.

Buy a New Wardrobe

If after all of this, you are still struggling with wardrobe space, then you may need a new wardrobe. Whether this is a standard size or a bespoke size, Lark & Larks offer a range of wardrobe units that are better quality but cost less than our competitors. We also offer our wardrobes in a range of colours and finishes as standard, meaning that you can be sure that your new wardrobe will fit in with your current colour schemes.

Contact Lark & Larks For Advice

If you are looking for further advice about any of our wardrobes, replacement wardrobe doors and stylish bedroom storage solutions, then please contact us today. Our friendly customer services team would be happy to help you, no matter what the query is.