How to Measure Kitchen Doors

If you are looking to freshen up your kitchen by replacing your kitchen doors you will first need to list everything that you need and then measure up. In this guide we will walk you through everything you need to know to measure up and replace your kitchen doors. 

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  1. Make a list of all doors
  2. Made to measure or Standard Sizes
  3. Measure the doors
  4. Hinges – left or right?
  5. Measuring hinge positions
  6. Double check all measurements
  7. Tips for measuring your kitchen doors

Right, let’s look at how to measure up your kitchen doors so you can freshen up your kitchen. Remember if you have any questions, comments or concerns get in touch with our friendly, expert & helpful team

1. Make a list of all doors

Firstly you will need to list all of the doors that you need to replace. We would first recommend reading our kitchen measuring guide and then downloading our kitchen measuring worksheet PDF – using this worksheet you can list and number all doors. 

The numbering is important here as some doors may have small variations in the placement of hinges.

2. Made to Measure or Standard Sizes

One quick thing to check is whether you have standard sized kitchen cabinets or whether you need more of a bespoke, made-to-measure solution as standard sizes can be more cost effective. 

3. Measure the doors 

It is important here that you measure the kitchen doors and not the units themselves. Typically, the best way to do this is to open the door and then measure the back of the door to get a more accurate edge-to-edge measurement. 

Make a note of height and width of each door in millimeters and then note this down along with the number of the door from your plan. 

Remember, you must measure each door individually as there can be differences between individual doors. 

4. Are the hinges on the left or the right?

You will now need to ensure you detail if the door opens on the left or right hand side and make a note for each door. For clarity, if the hinges are on the left then that is a left hand door, if the hinges are on the right that is a right hand door. 

As before, not this down on your diagram for each individual door. 

5. Measuring hinge positions 

You will now need to measure for the hinge holes. 

To measure the top hole you will need to measure, in millimeters (mm) the distance from the top of the door to the middle of the top hinge hole. 

To measure the bottom hole you will need to measure, in millimeters (mm) the distance from the bottom of the door to the middle of the lower hinge hole. 

6. Double check your measurements

Before you place your order you will need to quickly just double check you have all the measurements needed and you are confident – again using the worksheet and numbering all the doors will make your life a lot easier here.

Once you are ready then you can start browsing our kitchen door range

7. Tips for Measuring Your Replacement Kitchen Doors

Follow these five tips to measure your kitchen doors and your renovation project will go smoothly. 

  1. Measure each door individually
  2. Measure doors in mm and not in cm or inches 
  3. Always measure the doors and not the units  
  4. Note whether each door opens of the left or right hand side
  5. Measure hinge holes individually for each door

If you have any questions about measuring your doors or need any help at all get in touch with our expert team who are always happy to help