How to refresh your kitchen on a budget

If you’re bored with your kitchen, why not consider revamping it up a bit? From replacing your doors to vinyl wrapping to buying new decorations, even on a budget, you can refresh your kitchen to give it a sense of new life, transforming it into a room that you once again love.Having rooms throughout your house that you love is so important as, after all, this is the place that you will come back to after a long day out and will want to feel relaxed in. If your rooms aren’t perfect for you, your mood could be negatively influenced – why should you settle for that when there are so many simple ways to transform your kitchen, alongside other rooms, into spaces that you love whilst sticking to the costs?


One of the simplest ways to transform your kitchen on a budget is by adding a few key pieces of decor. This is as easy as going to a homeware store or even online shopping and picking out some cute items to add the finishing touches to your room.

Decorations are perfect for adding an accent colour to your room without being too set in stone due to their easy interchangeability. From LED lights to candles to plants to ornaments, there are so many decor pieces that can add the perfect finishing touch to your space. Mirrors are also a fantastic way to uplift your room, especially if the room is small, as they create an illusion of space as well as being a great way of bringing in more light. Whether you decide to opt for a small mirror or go the extra mile and create a mirror wall, they can make a significant difference to your space.


Painting your walls is another perfect solution for instant refreshment as not only is this option budget-friendly but it is also relatively easy, and similarly to decorations, you can pretty much change this as often as you want.

Even if you decide not to paint your entire kitchen, simply painting a splash of colour on a feature wall could tie together the look of the room. But, the best part about using paint to refresh your space is that the colour options are endless, so whatever colour you decide on could be the start of not only a revamp but a colour transformation, bringing life to the room.

Kitchen Doors & Drawers

Thinking about your kitchen doors and drawers now, if you are not entirely pleased with what you currently have, then there are multiple ways to change them in some shape or form. Whether you wish to completely replace your doors and drawers, paint them, or vinyl wrap them, this task can easily be done on a budget and can be highly effective, completely revamping the look of your space.


Adding or replacing your backsplash is another great idea to refresh your kitchen on a budget. Backsplashes can add a lot of character to your room, especially if they are bright or have an intricate design.

Replacing them, however, doesn’t necessarily mean ripping them out, as there are backsplash options where you can stick them onto the existing tile, or if you do not already have a backsplash then you can simply stick them onto the wall.

Not only are these self-adhesive backsplashes budget-friendly, but you also do not have to fully commit to them, which is perfect if you are likely to get bored and/or want to experiment with different colours and patterns.


Hardware can add the perfect finishing touch to your kitchen refresh and is a great way to revamp your kitchen on a budget. From silver to gold to copper to black, every kitchen has a complementary hardware colour. Silver can be great for keeping things monochrome, gold is great for adding warmth, copper creates a vintage feel, and black keeps things sleek.

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