How to turn your kitchen from shabby to shabby chic

First coined in the 1980s, the term ‘shabby chic’ refers to a style which uses old pieces of furniture or furniture which has a worn look. Inspired by French country kitchens, the style is defined by feminine pastels, distressed second hand knick knacks and glamorous accessories that add the touch of chic to the shabby.

If your kitchen is in need of redecorating, you may want to consider the shabby chic look. It can be an inexpensive and unique way to update your kitchen. Before buying any new furniture, it may be a good idea to check your home for any old items that are no longer in use. A worn looking table or chair that you put into storage years ago may suit the style of your shabby chic kitchen.

Shabby Colour Schemes

One of the first aspects that you will need to decide upon is the colour scheme. Shabby chic kitchens often have a cosy, country feel to them. To achieve this look, pale colours such as white and pastel shades can be used. However, with shabby chic, colours do not have to match so you don’t have to stick to a strict colour scheme. Look at our Bella range of kitchen doors for plenty of cream and pastel shades.

Painting Furniture

When choosing furniture, items such as rustic wooden tables and chairs will help to create the shabby chic look. These can either be left as they are, or painted in various colours. As shabby chic furniture is meant to have a worn look, second hand items can be used without refurbishing. If the item is already painted but you want a different colour, you can paint over it, then sand it lightly so show the layers of colour. This distressed look is currently very fashionable and can be easily edited as colour trends go by.

Shabby Accessories

Accessories such as old fashioned mason jars and vintage biscuit tins can be displayed on the work surface, along with traditional style hand towels and oven gloves in patterns such as floral or gingham. You may also want to browse antique shops or car boot sales for old kitchen gadgets which will add to the shabby chic style of your kitchen. Department stores also sell “vintage style” reproductions of classic gadgets. Accessories such as cut glass vases and chandelier lighting will add a chic touch to your kitchen.

When shopping for items to use in your shabby chic kitchen, second hand shops, vintage fairs and car boot sales could be ideal. Using second hand items to decorate your kitchen will add to the shabby chic look, as well as giving it a truly unique appearance.