Wooden kitchen unit doors with traditional style handles
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Is it Cheaper to Buy Kitchens Online Rather than on the High Street?

Online shopping is now bigger than ever before, especially across the UK. In fact, Brits are the biggest online spenders in all of Europe, with around 60 percent of the population opting to spend online rather than in store. It’s certainly not a surprising statistic, as it’s estimated that around 80 percent of shoppers believe that products online are cheaper than those in store, and they’re not wrong! Fitted kitchens can be purchased online for just a fraction of the price they’re advertised for in furniture stores, but why? There are many reasons why online shopping is cheaper than the high street, and here are just some of those reasons:


As the economy struggles to recover from the recession, suppliers have had to maintain, and even increase their prices, as a means of sustaining income and profits. It’s never been more expensive for companies to uphold their brick and mortar stores, with high rent, high utility costs, and employee wages. Of course, it’s also important for brick and mortar stores to have multiple locations across the country to build up their customer base, and it’s even more vital for companies that have little or no online presence. This means that when customers buy kitchens in store, the price they’re paying includes a high profit percentage that can be put towards the stores upkeep. However, when customers buy kitchens online, the profit margin can be much smaller, as the costs of running an online store is much less  – there’s no need for rent, large power output, or multiple salaries to pay. What many stores are opting for is to keep one showroom or warehouse, and expand their services nationwide with the help of the internet. This reduces the costs associated with multiple venues and companies can pass these savings onto the customer.

Special Offers

Kitchen units that are end-of-line, or those that are a more traditional style, may be purchased online for low prices. Older models and styles take up space in warehouses that could be used to house fitted kitchens that are more popular, so by offering them as online exclusives, customers could save a fortune. A great example is shaker kitchens. Although they are beautiful and are still remarkably popular in homes that have been designed with a traditional theme, more and more homeowners are opting for contemporary styles, such as high gloss kitchens and handle-less kitchens, and are edging away from the more classic designs. For companies to be cost effective, they have to stock what’s going to sell, so if you’re looking for a more traditional or more unusual fitted kitchen, chances are you’re going to find better prices, and greater choices, online rather than in store.


Have you ever tried fitting solid oak kitchens in the boot of your car? It’s impossible! If you’re buying in store, you may need to arrange collection yourself, which means hiring transport large enough to hold kitchen units, cabinet doors, fitted accessories, and anything else you may care to add to your kitchen. When you buy online, you can actually save money on delivery with the low delivery costs some kitchen companies, such as Lark and Larks, offer. In fact, we charge no more than £50 for mainland UK delivery, and we even ship items from the Bella, Zurfiz, Gravity and Unique ranges for free. With van hire costing between £65 and £150 per day on average, you’re saving a great amount by opting to buy online.

Value for Money

When you shop in store, as much as you try to be objective, the sheer beauty of the fitted kitchens on display is enough to impair your judgement a little. For example, who can resist those high gloss cabinet doors that are so shiny you can even see your face in them? When something looks good, you’re less inclined to take note of the overall quality of the product, and this can lead to fitted kitchens that crack, chip, peel, or even fall apart after only a year or two. When you buy online, you know you’re getting value for money. Online shoppers tend to trust text more than they do an image, as this gives them a clear idea of the product as a whole when they are unable to physically touch it. All of our kitchens, from our traditional shaker kitchens to our contemporary high gloss kitchens, are among the highest quality on the market, made with 18mm EGGER board (some companies only offer 12mm or 15mm MDF which certainly isn’t strong enough to cope with the demands of a modern kitchen), so they will last for as long as you need them to. When shopping online, value for money is equally as important as low costs, and sadly this just isn’t something you always get in store.

Convenience and Safety

Of course, online shopping isn’t just about the low costs, it’s about convenience too. A whole range of fitted kitchens can be browsed and admired from wherever you are: at home, at work, even on the bus! You can check out our website and make an order from anywhere with an internet connection, removing the need for you to make a special trip to a store. Online shopping is also a great way to compare costs between different companies, although we’re sure you won’t find prices better than ours! At a time when more and more people are seeking out quick, simple, and convenient methods to make life easier, online shopping just seems to be a sensible option. On top of this convenience, it’s also becoming much safer to shop online, which should come as good news to those who are still a little wary of internet trading. Many companies now opt to use 3D secure technology, such as Verified by Visa or Mastercard SecureCode. This technology acts as a middleman between the customer and the supplier, and its this middleman that deals with the payments. This means that the company never receives your personal financial details, so there’s less opportunities for hacking and fraud. Online shopping has really come into its own in the last few years, and it’s now the preferred method of shopping for many people around the world.