How to use corner space in your kitchen

How to Use Corner Space in Your Kitchen

Abuzz with life and laughter, the kitchen is the very heart and soul of the home, and is often full to bursting with people busying around and about their daily lives. As one of the liveliest rooms in the home, the kitchen can get a little cramped at times to say the least. That’s why it’s so important to utilise and take advantage of every single space and place within the kitchen; but admittedly this can get a little tricky when it comes to those pesky kitchen corners!

Here at Lark and Larks we know all too well the struggle of trying to find something, anything, to fit into the awkward nuances of kitchen corners. So we’ve put our heads together and come up with a few of our favourite kitchen corner hacks to help you make the most of your kitchen and your home.


Showcase a statement piece

Here at Lark and Larks there’s nothing we love more than a eye catching statement piece and there’s no better place to showcase one than a bare looking corner. Adding depth and dimension to the room, a kitchen corner can instantly be transformed with the help of a full bookshelf, a drinks trolley, an exotic plant or even a signature ornament to help bring personality to your home.


Install a corner cabinet

If you’re feeling a little cramped and need some extra storage room, why not consider installing a corner cabinet to help fill the empty space of your kitchen corner? A quick fix win that won’t fail to hit the mark, it’s the ultimate storage solution and the perfect way to maximise your kitchen space.


Create a seating area

No room is quite as cosy as the kitchen, which makes it the ideal place to sit and relax in. Whether you simply need a place to unwind in whilst cooking for your loved ones, or are looking for a new reading nook, creating a comfy seating area might just be the perfect kitchen corner solution for you. Guaranteed to be your new favourite spot, a seating area is the ideal comfy, cosy corner solution!


Invest in wall shelving

If you’re looking to bring some height to your kitchen, it may well be worth investing in some snappy shelves to really make your kitchen corner pop. Not only will a floating shelf provide a space to store all your knick knacks and kitchen wares, but it’s also a decorative technique that helps to draw the eye upwards and out into the brightness of the kitchen.


Create a work space

As the hub of the home, modern kitchens are no longer just centred around cooking and eating. Instead they are a place to socialise in, a place to relax in and even a place to work in. If you’re looking to add an urban touch to your home, why not transform your kitchen corner into a small working space. By simply installing a computer and some stationery along a worktop, you can help bring your kitchen to life and create a functional space that’s perfect for the busy modern home.

If you’re looking to do up your kitchen, make sure you contact one of our friendly team today and find out more about what we can do to make your dream kitchen a reality.