Kitchen with under cupboard lighting

Kitchen Lighting: Alternatives to the Florescent

Many of us grew up in a kitchen dominated by an ever-flickering florescent tube that gave out a sickening neon glow. Though florescent lights are still popular in kitchens to this day (and have improved a lot!), kitchen lighting is now incredibly varied and fashionable. Here are some options on how to light up the most important room in the house…

LED Lighting

LED lights use little energy but give out a light that is twice as bright as normal halogen bulbs. The best part is that they can be placed anywhere, from above your cooking space to inside alcoves and cabinets so you can illuminate all of your condiments and not miss anything at the back! LED lighting is eco-friendly, adaptable and effective – ten times better than the florescent tube! LED lights can also be motion triggered, saving energy by turning off as you leave the kitchen.

Coloured Lights

While LED lights work well as task lighting, keeping your preparation space well lit, coloured lighting is used for “mood” lighting, which can set an ambience in your kitchen for dinner parties or when you have guests over. For a really advanced lighting scheme, mix white lights with softer colours, such as cool blues or sunshiney yellows, or rosy reds and pinks.

Strip Lighting

If you are looking for something a little different, strip lighting is a thin line of powerful LED lights that can be used anywhere – on the base of your units to create a walkway in your kitchen, at the bottom of your cupboards or even on your kitchen wall. These lights are small but powerful and will give your kitchen an unusual but futuristic touch.

Pendant Lights

Pendant lighting in the kitchen is currently in fashion. These statement lights are usually hung low so they cast a dramatic spotlight. They can be used as an injection of colour in your kitchen and can make a dramatic fashion statement. As task lighting, pendant lights aren’t hugely functional, so these work best combined with clear lights around your food preparation area.


Who says you need practical lighting in your kitchen? Add a touch of old school 20s glamour with a contemporary chandelier. An ornate chandelier works in an open plan dining/kitchen area, connecting the formality of table dining with the chaos of the kitchen.

Lighted Shelves

One of the newest innovations in kitchen lighting are ultra modern lighted shelves, combining functionality with style. Providing both extra space and light in your kitchen, lighted shelves are an impactful addition to any kitchen that needs extra lighting.