Kitchen lighting on a budget

Kitchen Lighting on a Budget

Close your eyes and picture your dream kitchen. Whether you imagine bespoke made-to-measure kitchen units fitted with glossy white kitchen cupboard doors or a large kitchen flooded with natural light that bounces off a stunning marble kitchen worktop and champagne shaker style cupboards, the chances are creating the kitchen of your dreams will not be cheap. A 2016 study by Houzz had shown that 10% of the UK spend over £50,000 on renovating their kitchen, and 22% spend between £25,000 – £50,000 to get the kitchen of their dreams.

Not everyone is in a financial situation where they can afford to spend large amounts of money in order to get the kitchen they’ve always dreamed of. However,  a well-layered lighting plan will give your kitchen a new lease of life – if you choose to replace your old kitchen cupboard doors with new ones (it’s an inexpensive way to give your kitchen a breath of fresh air) alongside this, your kitchen will look brand new! Lighting is also a great way to give your kitchen a warm, welcoming and homely atmosphere. Here are a few ways to create amazing kitchen lighting on a budget!


LED Stick on Lights

LED stick on lights are a cheap and simple way to give darker spaces in your kitchen a splash of light. From lighting up the inside of a dark kitchen cupboard to illuminating a kitchen drawer, they require no electrical work and can be stuck onto the majority of surfaces with ease. LED strip lighting looks great under kitchen cupboard units – choose from white lighting,  blue lighting, yellow lighting or even rainbow lighting. These tones will transform your kitchen. LED disc lights look great on ceilings and inside kitchen units – once again you just peel the back off and stick them on! Check out our range of LED light fixtures.


Install LED Lighting Fixtures

If you want something a little more permanent than LED stick on lighting in your kitchen, then you should consider installing LED lighting fixtures. From strip lighting to Picka Plinth Square LED lighting or corner LED lighting, these unobtrusive devices provides a gentle stretch of light, in white or blue colours. Once again these can be installed in your kitchen cupboard units, on your kitchen worktop or on the ceiling – the possibilities are endless. Whilst these cost a little more than LED stick on lights they are still budget friendly! You should  always consult a qualified electrician before you try and install this lighting yourself.


Flexible Strip Lighting

Flexible strip lighting creates a high impact design statement in your kitchen, flooding your kitchen with light and warmth.  Available in plinth, pelmet or cornice, you can attach flexible strip lighting to kitchen cupboards, skirting boards, the ceiling, kitchen worktops and so much more. Once again you should consult an electrician before you install this type of lighting yourself. For more kitchen lighting inspiration, check out our inspiring under-cabinet lighting article.


Fluorescent Strip Lighting

Fluorescent Strip Lighting is a budget friendly and energy efficient way to light up your kitchen, giving it a warm and welcoming glow. These lights look great when they’re fitted onto ceilings, or under kitchen shelving and cupboards. For more expensive fluorescent lighting, have a look at our Corvus strip lighting range.