Kitchen trends

Kitchen Trends in 2015

It’s often tempting to look at the here-and-now when designing a kitchen, rather than to the future and what will look great then. Redesigning a kitchen can be costly, so playing it safe is understandable, but the predicted trends listed below could inspire some great ideas.

Traditional Open Shelves

A trend towards people using open shelving is predicted for 2015. In terms of functionality, open shelving puts everything on display for easy access and visibility.

Open shelving also gives a traditional, personal look to a kitchen. With modern technology and styles becoming more minimalist, straight-edged and impersonal, open shelving offers a counterbalance, a slightly shabby and rustic look that will be on trend in 2015 and beyond.

The Prevalence of Grey

If you want a neutral palette in your kitchen, grey tones are predicted to be the go-to choice. For those that want to play it safe and not dive in with an edgier colour, it is the one to choose for 2015.

If you want to be even more on trend, the luster of metallic will add a modern sheen to any grey surface. Metallic is certainly a hot trend for 2015, particularly warmer copper and bronze shades to balance out the colder grey colours.

Opposites do Attract

The combination of modern and traditional colours and features is sure to be a go-to style choice in 2015. Mixing it up, rather than going for pure, sleek modern designs is the predicted trend as people strive to make their kitchen spaces warm and homely.

Chrome features are being replaced by brushed fittings that have less sheen, and traditional woods are mixing with marble and stainless steel. This eclectic style is endlessly changeable and adaptable to keep your kitchen fresh in 2015 and many years after.

Integrating Modern Technology

The kitchen is becoming the central hub of a home’s technology. It’s where people charge their devices, play music, use the internet and even look up recipes on tablet computers. Therefore, it makes sense that the technology in a kitchen space would eventually adjust to our needs. Wi-Fi integrated appliances will be particularly prevalent in the coming year as people demand more from their kitchen features.

Making a Statement with Black

Black was once seen as an energy-sapping colour for a room, but nowadays it’s a colour that makes a statement. Black gives a sense of sheen, class and luxury. What better place to make a statement than your kitchen?

By combining this dominant colour effectively with neutral shades such as white, it will certainly become a trend-setter in 2015.