Make a kitchen homely

How to Make Your Kitchen Feel Homely

Creating a warm and cosy ambiance for your kitchen can be a difficult thing to achieve, but we are here to help. We have a variety of tips – from the use of lighting and mirrors, to creating a homely scent – for you to use for your home to create the surroundings you want for your kitchen.


The use of lighting

A kitchen should reflect your own sense of style and personality, covering everything from the type of utensils you’ll be using to your kitchen appliances. Every kitchen has its own set of features which create its own personality, and the use of lighting is no exception.

LED lighting and fluorescent strip lighting can both help to create this kind of individual feel in your kitchen. In addition, puck lights are great in darker kitchens with lots of corners, helping to lighten up naturally dark and dull areas. Puck lights are an easy and cost effective form of under-cabinet lighting. Many varieties contain self-adhesive backing strips, where they can simply be stuck on the underside of the cabinets. For a more permanent lighting solution, they can also be wired in.


Picking the right colour to use

Colour is a powerful design tool that completely changes the mood of a kitchen. Colour can completely change the perception of a space, making the room feel much more wider and brighter. A colour wheel is a great tool to use to establish a specific colour theme. Neutral colours – such as white beige, ivory, taupe and grey – create the illusion of a bigger space. This can help to put certain themes and concepts together to see what you specifically like and dislike.

Getting a sample size of various colour paint pots can help you to consider what colours work well together. Test out the paint swatches and see how the colours look at various times of the day against various elements to get a feel for how it will look.


Have your own unique kitchen scent

Scent is a powerful way to not only create memories but to also feel comfortable in a kitchen space. The kitchen is one of the trickiest spots in a home to keep smelling good. Using citrus scents such as lemon, tangerine and mandarin fragrance notes will cut through unsavoury smells, while creating a refreshing and calming atmosphere. Having your own personal kitchen scent creates a personal sentiment for your kitchen.

Using scented candles is another way to create a great impression in your kitchen. Candles also make the entire kitchen glow, while being a pretty cute addition to your decor. In a bright white kitchen, you may want set a couple of candles on the countertop which will instantly elevate the entire room.

Finally, when having people over for lunch, baking home-baked chocolate chip cookies is a great way to add a sentimental element to your kitchen.


The use of mirrors

Kitchen mirrors create an enchanting feel to a kitchen, producing an illusion of a bigger kitchen. Mirrors add an element of glamour to any kitchen, with the reflective surfaces helping to boost brightness and add depth. Hanging a series of mirrors in different sized frames adds a quirky and unique feel, instantly lifting small, dark or smaller kitchen spaces. Painting a mirror frame in a shade that complements the kitchen’s appliances or cabinets will bring the colour scheme together.  A framed mirror, either wide or long, livens up a galley style kitchen.