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Make the Perfect Coffee from Home

A decent cup of tea or coffee has the potential to make many things better. After all, tea is in fact wisdom in a cup (it’s science) and a lot of people use coffee as their operating system. Whether it’s loose leaf fruit tea, standard breakfast tea or a cappuccino that gets you out of bed in the morning, it’s fair to say that a decent cup of tea or coffee will improve the day.

What’s even better is when you have the opportunity to make a smashing hot drink in a Kitchen you adore, and enjoy it. Imagine a world where you don’t have to get changed from those comfy pyjamas, stand in the queue in a coffee house and then try and find a seat to drink your overpriced peppermint tea or skinny latte… Instead your friends have come round, you’re all in the comfiest of clothing, you’ve made three delicious hot beverages, and you’re all sat at the breakfast bar just enjoying each other’s company.


Coffee Costs more than your Kitchen

Let’s get down to the serious talk now. If you’ve gone outside in the last week or two, you’ll notice that there are a plethora of coffee shops on the high street. According to Buddy Loans, for every 3,000 people in the UK there is one coffee shop. There are roughly 64,596,800 people living in the UK, so that equates to 21,532 (ish) coffee houses. On average, the individual spends more than £608 a year on lattes, cappuccinos and fancy coffee a year, and companies are throwing away £2.2 billion on non-recyclable take-away cups. It is thought that the average caffeine addict’s habit costs the roughly £15,000 on espresso alone over their lifetime, which is more than a holiday.


Your Kitchen can save you money

However, there are a few ways to save yourselves a few pennies. Get that kitchen of yours spruced up; something as small as changing your kitchen doors and handles, getting some new bar stalls or really going for it and getting some new storage units will make a world of difference. Make your kitchen a place you’re proud of and want to spend time in. Invest in a some equipment, such as a cafetiere or a coffee machine. The initial outlay may hurt your bank balance a little, but over the year you’ll be saving yourself copious amounts of money. Get a flask and bring your own coffee from home – you’ll be helping to save the planet because you’re not using take-away cups.

Latte art has also become a really popular craft, alongside learning the tricks of the barista trade (foaming different types of milk). Investing in a home coffee machine could mean that you’re channeling in on a talent you never knew you had…
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How to make the perfect coffee