How to Make a Small Kitchen Appear Bigger

In this post, we highlight a few clever design tricks and tips that create the illusion of space to help make your small kitchen look and feel bigger than it actually is.

Choose Light Colours

Choosing light colours will make your kitchen appear bigger and brighter as these colours naturally reflect light. Go with white or light grey, and if you want to add a splash of colour choose pastels and neutrals to prevent your room from feeling too dark or dingy. Make sure to stick to just a few colours in similar shades for all cabinets, walls, and floors. This will remove visual barriers and make the room appear as one larger continuous space rather than smaller blocks.

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Mornington Shaker kitchen units
Mornington Shaker kitchen units

Replace Solid Cabinets with Open Storage

A bulk of solid cabinets along the wall can make a room feel smaller as they block out light and take up space. Replacing your bulky wall cabinets with open storage such as shelving can create a more spacious feel. Alternatively, replace solid cabinet doors with open shelves cabinets which will open up the space in contrast to solid opaque fronts. This will expand the space as the eye travels through the cabinets and makes the walls appear farther away.

Add Light Reflecting Surfaces

Adding reflective surfaces to your kitchen will help make your room feel bigger than it is. This can include gloss finish cabinets and worktops, stainless steel accents on taps and appliances, metallic light fixtures and accessories, and mirrored backsplashes. These types of glossy and shiny surfaces will reflect and bounce the light around the room to make your small kitchen seem larger and more open.

Open plan kitchen
High Gloss Kitchen- perfect for reflecting natural light

Clear Away Clutter

Clutter makes any space seem smaller, so by simply eliminating clutter you can make your space feel immediately larger. Use drawers, cabinets, pantry units, and cupboards to clear crowded counters and store as much as possible to hide away utensils, cookware, and appliances. Our pantry units are also a great solution to this issue. This will create a more spacious feel. To prevent the room from feeling too sterile or characterless, neatly display plants, crockery, and prints that will add interest without cluttering the space.

Let There Be Light

Lighting will open up and brighten your space. Illuminate your kitchen with task, ambient, and feature lighting such as spotlights, strip lights, wall sconces, plinth lighting, and pendants. Likewise, let in as much natural light as possible by opening blinds, keeping window treatments minimal, and removing anything on the windowsill that could block light. Maximizing the amount of light in the room will create an airy feel and enlarge your space.

under-cabinet lighting
Under cabinet lighting

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From choosing light colours to clearing away clutter – use these 5 tips to make your small kitchen appear bigger. For more advice on small kitchen design, contact us today and our expert team will help you maximize your space