Open plan kitchen ideas

Open Plan Kitchen Ideas

Open-plan kitchens are designed to introduce your family and guests to a whole new, more sociable way of living. The merging of both living, cooking and dining is an increasingly popular trend within contemporary kitchen design and aims to utilise the best of the overall space. Along with creative design, decor and utility, this seamless fitted kitchen style aims to keep your home looking flawless, intertwined and coherent. Keep reading for some modern open plan kitchen ideas to refresh your kitchen for less.

Ideas for an open plan kitchen

What is an open plan kitchen?

Typically, an open plan kitchen is designed to incorporate and open out into another room of the house, such as the dining area or living room. The concept of the design aims to bring everyone together in one space seamlessly without the need for direct partition of space.

An open plan kitchen has a number of benefits, including:

  • Multifunctional living
  • Ability to socialise all in one space
  • Introduce more natural light
  • Easy and direct access to and from the kitchen
  • Effortless hosting for you your guests
  • Easier to look after small children or pets
  • Promotes communication

Design ideas for open plan living

If you are considering an open plan kitchen, it’s important to understand the fundamental elements that are incorporated into the design. From this, you can then make sure that you utilise your kitchen in order to get the most out of our open plan living arrangement. Here are six open plan kitchen ideas to get you started.

1. Utilise storage space

The main objective of an open plan kitchen is to take full advantage of the space around you so why not do the same with your storage. With an exposed kitchen acting as the central hub of your home, it’s a good idea to invest in some space-saving storage accessories to keep your kitchen practical and clutter free. Corner cabinet storage and base cabinet storage are some of the best ways you can maximise the space available to you, whilst maintaining that sleek minimalistic feel.

2. Centre kitchen around an island

One of the most popular open plan kitchen ideas, a kitchen island is a great focal point for any kitchen. Combined with the freedom of space incorporated into an open-plan kitchen design, an island can offer an abundance of extra storage and workspace. Not only is it sociable and entertaining, but by adding some chairs, it can also be doubled up as a breakfast bar for you and the family. Not only does this provide a place to sit and enjoy casual meals, but it also is a great space to prepare food without taking up too much space.

3. Bring the outside in

Without the restriction of walls to obstruct your view, open pan spaces usually have a great sense of flow. The idea of bringing the outside in was inspired through the many benefits of natural living. For example, spending time around greenery can help improve concentration, increase attention span, enhance energy and impact your performance. Many opt for this design style when choosing open plan living, as it opens up opportunities for easier transition between the two and inevitable create a space where you can effectively entertain and dine. A great way you can incorporate the idea of bringing the outside in is by investing in a natural wood kitchen design.

4. Add light to your kitchen design

As stated previously, knocking down walls to produce one larger, open-plan area is the perfect way to transform a once cramped, dark room and add some extra space and light to your kitchen area. Using glass screens and sliding doors are also a good way to partition both the kitchen and dining area temporarily without the need to block off any pre-existing light.

5. Add colour

Open plan kitchens are an extremely practical way of living. However, with your cooking, dining, relaxing and entertaining all taking place in one all-inclusive environment, it can often be hard to define individual zones. A tip is to a light monochrome scheme and then use accent colours to section off the spaces. White high gloss units work perfectly in a modern open-plan, whilst built in storage solutions are concealed behind kitchen cabinet doors for a streamlined effect.

6. Create a coordinated look

Speaking of colour scheme, another tip when designing an open-planned kitchen is to opt for continuing flooring between both your kitchen and your living space. In doing this, it will create a sense of flow between the separate zones and tie in your open plan living nicely.

For more open plan kitchen ideas or to speak to one of our advisors, contact us today and take a step towards designing your dream kitchen.