Picking the Perfect Colour for Your Kitchen

Picking the perfect colour for your kitchen can very much depend on your style preference, how much space you have and the kinds of accessories you want to add to your kitchen. Here we will explore some popular kitchen styles and look at what colours you can work with to harmonise your chosen kitchen colour with the rest of the kitchen:

Small Kitchens

This isn’t a kitchen style in itself, but it’s important to note that small kitchens require a lot more thought, and sometimes some extra creativity, to make the most of their space. Luckily, small kitchens can still embody a range of different styles, but they work particularly well with styles that use lighter, simpler colours palettes, such as monochrome, silver or white on white. You can still add pops of colour into a small kitchen, for example bold, red accessories can complement a modern, monochrome backdrop, while a bright subway tile splashback can inject a traditional touch to the room. The main aim here is to keep the colour scheme light and bright, creating the illusion of a more open space.

small kitchen

Image Credit Left to Right: Lorna Saunders, Lark & Larks

Vintage Kitchens

Colour palettes for this style preference are also flexible and experimental. A vintage style can be especially suited to people who want to add more unique colour schemes to their kitchen. From pastel shades of blue, green and purple, to bold oranges and yellows, this style of kitchen has plenty of colours to work with. You can also incorporate wood or brick materials with copper accents to give your colour palette some more depth.


Image Credit Left to Right: Green and Proppe Design, Lark & Larks

Modern Kitchens

If you prefer a modern, sleek kitchen design, there are a range of colour palettes you can choose from. High-gloss handleless cabinets and satin worktops can create a contemporary feel, and these work well with dark, rich colours such as chocolate, black and aubergine. If you want something more minimalist, clean, white cabinets and worktops look just as sleek, and if you’re not fussed about fancy decor and accessories, this could be an easy, low-maintenance option to consider.

Modern kitchens

Image Credit Left to Right: Lark & Lark, Lark & Larks

Traditional Kitchens

If you are a fan of natural finish solid wood, then you might also have a preference for traditional style kitchens. You can choose your shade of wood depending on your personal taste, from light to dark, or even a natural painted wood. With a neutral colour backdrop, you also have the freedom to experiment with bold accents, such as brass and copper for a modern spin.

Traditional kitchens

Image Credit Left to Right: Hill Farm Furniture, Lark & Larks

Scandinavian Kitchens

A scandinavian kitchen style is perfect if you want a neutral kitchen that is still bright and calming. This kitchen style revolves around whitewashed cabinets and floorboards and the overall feel of this style is homely and fashionable. If you love light wood, or want to incorporate shades of grey instead of white, this style can work very well. Depending on what kinds of accessories you want to add, you can also give this style a traditional finish.

scandinavian style kitchens

Image Credit Left to Right: Gabriel Holland, Lark & Larks

Thanks to such a diverse world of design, a lot of people are now choosing to merge traditional styles with contemporary accents. Explore vintage, mid-century modern, or mediterranean inspired kitchens for mixed colour palette inspiration. If you want to work with a more neutral palette, but would like the option of adding pops of colour and texture as you go along, modern, traditional and Scandinavian styles are good places to start.

Ultimately, most kitchen styles can be tweaked to suit your particular taste, so the best way to find the perfect colour for your kitchen is to experiment with different shades within your colour range and do plenty of inspirational research to help bring your own vision to life.