Quick Tips - How to Get Your Shower Sparkling

Quick Tips - How to Get Your Shower Sparkling

Quick Tips – How to Get Your Shower Sparkling

In many people’s cleaning schedules, the shower is an area that often gets neglected. It’s understandable as cleaning a shower can be troublesome and time-consuming. For those who live in an area with hard water, it can be a constant battle to keep shower screens free of splash marks. However, trying some of these quick tips should soon have your shower sparkling again.


According to the housekeeping gurus, vinegar is a liquid with almost magical powers. Whether true or not, it is certainly effective in removing limescale from a shower rose. Just put vinegar in a plastic bag and tie it firmly around the shower head, immersing the rose in the vinegar. Leave overnight – the next morning the shower head should be sparkling clean.

Shower cleaners

You can make your own shower cleaner that is both economical and kind to the environment. Fill a dispensing dishwand with equal parts of vinegar and washing up detergent and use to clean your shower: it makes a surprisingly effective cleaner. Leave the dishwand in the shower as a hint to others to clean up after themselves, or for you to clean up while taking your own shower!

Baking soda

For soap scum, lime-scale and mould on glass or tiles, try making a paste with baking soda and a drop of white vinegar. Apply, leave to dry, and then wipe off. Buff your newly clean glass to a shine using a microfibre cloth.

Steam Cleaner

Steam cleaners dissolve away obstinate deposits of soap scum and grime without the use of chemicals, and are very satisfying to use. They are a worthwhile investment as they will save you a great deal of time and elbow-grease. You can even rent steam cleaners for a couple of days to give your bathroom a deep clean.


Once your shower is sparkling clean, the most effective way to reduce future cleaning time is to hang a squeegee in the shower. Train everyone in the household to use it to wipe down the shower after each use.