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Keep your Bedroom Organised

Keep your Bedroom Organised

Reorganise Your Wardrobe

You’ve been meaning to organise your wardrobe for a long time now but somehow the weekends keep rolling around and your clothes are still in a pile on the back of your chair. But don’t worry, the following tips will make the task all the simpler and easier. Earmark a Sunday morning and power through – you (and your clothes) will thank us for it later!


When you’re scrambling to get ready at 6.30am on a Monday you can’t afford to waste time on an epic quest to find your powersuit. Turns out your granny knew what she was talking about when she said, ‘a place for everything and everything in its place’ – the secret to speedy mornings is knowing exactly where to find your gear. Install shelves into your wardrobe and assign each shelf a specific type of clothing. You can divide each shelf further with baskets or boxes devoted to different items, using colour coding or labels to jog your memory.

Line Up

Now you’ve sectioned your wardrobe, bring order to the clothes hanging up! There are various ways to do this: keeping heavy duty items at one side (such as thicker jackets) and lightweight items at the other (dresses, shirts); separating workwear and casual; even going colour by colour! However you do it, be disciplined with yourself so that you can feel the benefits of your new system.

Seasonal Storage

In the summer, save space by banishing bulky winter items such as coats and jumpers to the loft / under your bed until the cold weather returns, then switch it for your beach wear come the winter. Suitcases make the perfect storage unit and can unlock valuable room in your wardrobe.

The Right Hangers

There are few frustrations in life equal to your neatly ironed blazer slowly sliding its way off its hanger and into a crumpled heap at the bottom of your wardrobe. The solution? Choose your hangers carefully! Full hangers are ideal for trousers (tip: don’t hang up your jeans – denims don’t crease easily and you can save space by folding them instead), padded hangers are essential for delicate garments such as lightweight dresses and fine knits, and ribbed hangers will prevent your jackets and coats from slipping.

Shoes Wisely

Keep shoes at the bottom of your wardrobe where they won’t tear your clothes. Either invest in a shoe rack or simply line them up, alternating the direction of each shoe to make the most of the space. Alternatively, stack your shoes in shoeboxes and stick polaroids of each pair on the outside so that you can see which are which at a glance.


Have you ever noticed that it’s the little items that cause the most clutter? Straighten out your accessories by tying scarves around a clothes hanger, fixing a belt rack onto the inside of your wardrobe door and a smaller rack for your jewellery. You can also loop necklaces over pins in a noticeboard – these are cheap, light and can be easily wall-mounted or attached to the inside of your wardrobe door.

The Carrie-inspired walk-in closet may still be a dream, but organising your wardrobe can amplify even a small space, saving you time and displaying your clothing to the best effect. Enjoy!