Scandinavian style kitchen

Scandinavian Style in the Kitchen

The Scandinavians have a well-deserved reputation for the quality of both their interior and exterior home design: the harsh, uncompromising climate of Scandinavian countries has bred a style that is rugged and functional, whilst still demonstrating a beauty and sense of warmth that other countries love to emulate.

Hygge Fashion

The Danes have word for the feeling that the style evokes: ‘hygge’. This term has no direct English translation, but the concept of hygge is a sense of cosiness, companionship and warmth that is as nebulous as the word itself. Nordic interior design looks to evoke this feeling.

Much Nordic culture revolves around food and drink, and the kitchen tends to be the focal point of Scandinavian homes when entertaining guests. Kitchens in the Nordic style are seldom flashy; the use of native woods such as pine gives a spacious and airy feel and the simple functionality of the design has a beauty all of its own.

High Quality, Simple Design

With the Scandinavian look, the quality of the design and materials is allowed to speak for itself, so emulating the Nordic style in your kitchen is relatively easy. A new kitchen isn’t always necessary; introducing the the look can involve both subtle design changes and more dramatic overhauls.

The Scandinavian love of all things culinary can be reflected in the choice of accessories: spice racks, pepper grinders and knife holders can reflect the style in light and airy woods. Old kitchen cabinets can be given new lease of life in the Nordic fashion by simply replacing the doors with a co-ordinating design.

The Scandi look is reflected in many of our pine products, or in the light airiness of our Langham kitchen.

Lighting up the Look

The Scandinavian look is based around the lightness of the room: many Nordic countries suffer from complete days of darkness throughout the winter months, so the Scandi look always includes lighting that illuminates the space effectively. To enhance this, colours should be kept light and clutter should be kept to a minimum to enhance the effect. Redecorating in a lighter shade is a simple but easy way to achieve a Nordic feel in the kitchen.

However, the Scandinavian look is primarily about functionality. Achieving a style that is utilitarian but friendly is a sure way to capture the feel, hopefully providing a sense of ‘hygge’ for future dinner guests!