The Guide to Accessorising a Plain Bedroom

Are you bored of your plain-looking bedroom? Are you in need of some ideas to make your space special for you? This blog has you covered, as we explore ideas on how to make this happen!

White is a colour that gives off a refreshed, minimalistic look, symbolising goodness, purity, and serenity. However, despite this and the fact that this colour is great at opening up a room, a plain white room typically won’t provide you with a space that you entirely love.

Although we all love the illusion of rooms looking bigger than they actually are, if your room doesn’t ‘spark joy’ then it won’t become a space that you associate positive emotions with. By simply adding a pop of colour to your room, you can positively impact this sense of joy.

View below, the gallery showing how the smallest pop of colour can transform your space:

From painted feature walls, to cushions and blankets, to chairs and rugs, to wall art, there are so many ways to incorporate a touch of colour into your room.

If you have been avoiding adding this touch of colour for the fear of it taking away the minimalistic look, there is no need to fear. The only thing that adding colour will do is bring your room to life, making it feel so much more inviting. After all, your bedroom is the most important room of your house as, after a long day, there is nothing better than coming back home where you can spend the evening relaxing, in a cosy feeling room that you love.

However, if you are looking to entirely move away from the minimalistic look in your bedroom, then you may want to consider changing your bedroom doors to completely uplift your space.

Here at Lark & Larks, we offer a wide selection of colours for your bedroom doors and drawers as well as multiple different styles including shaker, handle-less, and slab, all ranging from the four different collections that we have; Gravity, Bella, Zurfiz, and Unique. Shown above are a small selection of some of these bedroom doors that we have to offer.

After considering adding colour to your room and the option of changing doors, think the little accessories. Examples of these are things such as fairy lights, mirrors, plants, candles, and other small pieces of decor in which could help add extra pops of colour, character and/or a cosy feel. Remember that the key to accessorising a small room is to make it into a space fit for you. It’s as simple as including all of the things that you love and personalising your space.

These little accessories may not seem that important however they can really be what makes your room, as even if you are going for a minimalist aesthetic, in order to make a space feel like yours, you need to decorate the space a bit to add character.

Remember to not let the idea of minimalism completely hinder you from adding things that you love in your space, and if you are in need of some more ideas on how to DIY your bedroom into a comfortable space, then why not check out another of our blogs.