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The Saturday Plan: Your 60 Minute Kitchen Reboot

We get it – cleaning your house/flat/apartment is one of the most irritating and relentless jobs in life. From those mugs that have been left in the sink from the rushed morning to the plates left on the kitchen worktop because you’ve fallen asleep on the sofa by 9 PM after indulging in one too many at happy hour with work, it’s easy to let the state of the kitchen spiral. Not everyone has the time to scrub the kitchen down every week and clear out the fridge freezer – sometimes a simple chore such as emptying the bin is put to the bottom of the list, simply because there’s so much going on. It’s easy to let your house languish from Monday to Friday – you’re rarely in to deal with it. But there’s no excuse when it comes to the weekend. We’ve put together a cleaning plan so that you can relax in a sanctuary free from dirt covered anthropomorphic items for the rest of the week.

 The Kitchen Cleaning Plan

Put all your dirty plates, mugs and utensils in the sink to soak

First things first, fill up your sink with washing up liquid, hot water and leave all of your dirty crockery to soak. If you’ve got any stubborn coffee stains or food marks then the hot water and washing up liquid will help to soften and remove it all. Just remember to change the water for fresh hot water and washing up liquid before it comes to washing it all up (unless you have a dishwasher of course).

Chuck all of the out of date food out

Go through your cupboards, fridge and freezer and bin all of that nasty, out of date food. Not only will this reduce the chance of food poisoning, it will get rid of horrible looking food and awful smells. 

Clear your kitchen worktops

Unless it’s too big for you to move on your own or attached, remove everything from your kitchen worktop and wipe it all down. From your coffee, tea and sugar jars to the exterior of your toaster and kettle (given that they aren’t hot or plugged in), get the disinfectant and wipe it all down. Now, wipe down your kitchen cupboard doors and get any offending dirt away from your kitchen cupboard and kitchen drawer handles. Leave it to one side until you’ve cleaned your kitchen worktops!

Sanitise your kitchen worktops

Now that you’ve cleared your kitchen worktop and wiped down everything that usually lives on it, it’s time to tackle those kitchen surfaces. Get the kitchen spray and jay-cloth and clean those kitchen worktops! Just make sure the products you’re using doesn’t degrade the materials of your worktop surface. Coated marble is incredibly durable, but some older woods may weaken if harsh chemicals are used. Once this is done, put everything back to where it belongs.

Clean the inside of your microwave

Get a bowl of boiling water and half a lemon and place it inside your microwave. Switch the microwave on for 5 minutes and the lemon and hot water will steam the microwave. Once this has finished, get a sponge and wipe down the insides of your lemony fresh microwave.

Wash up & dry/ put everything in the dishwasher

Whilst the microwave is on, drain the sink and refill it with fresh hot water and washing up liquid/put everything in the dishwasher. Get those marigolds on and scrub to your heart’s content. After, dry everything and put it all away. 

Clean your kitchen sink and draining board

Now that you’ve cleared your sink and put everything away, it’s time to clean the sink and draining board. Kitchen sanitiser and a jay cloth is the best way to do so.

Take the bin out

Remove the stinking contents of your bin and swill it out if needs be – this way you won’t get any fungus or mould growing in the bottom.

Clean your kitchen sink and draining board

Now that you’ve cleared your sink and put everything away, it’s time to clean the sink and draining board. Kitchen sanitiser and a jay cloth is the best way to do so.

Hoover and mop the kitchen floor

Depending on the floor type, hoover and mop (if necessary) your kitchen floor. Once this is done, turn around and relish in your clean kitchen.

Now, crack out a bottle of wine and enjoy your fresh, clean kitchen!