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The Top Kitchen & Bedroom Design Trends for 2014

If you’re beginning to grow tired of the same old boring kitchen and bland bedroom décor, 2014 promises to be the year to give your home some character and colour. The New Year will be about bringing decorative touches to existing functional spaces. While the all-white kitchen continues to maintain its strong appeal, new trends are coming, incorporating non-traditional lighting, natural materials and black hardware.

2014 will be all about capturing the increasingly popular trend of using natural colours and materials in the home as people continue to seek a design that creates a calming and peaceful environment. Using the natural world as inspiration, we can expect to see more use of stone, slate, and wood alongside subtle or rich dark colours.

The colour grey continues to be a popular choice in kitchen and bedroom design, being used in all ranges of shades. The idea of simplicity will continue to reign throughout the design world as neutral colours are used as a canvas for an array of accent colours and patterns.

With a wide range of products available on the market, and new design trends expected to spark bedroom and kitchen makeovers in 2014, we have compiled a list of our top design trends to help you bring your kitchen or bedroom back into style for your New Year’s resolution.

  1. Accent Cabinetry: Rather than simply use colours as accents, 2014 calls for the use of built-in tall and narrow accent kitchen doors to flank the stove or either ends of a cabinet run.  This will provide a contrast in style and colour rather than just the simple door profiles in fitted kitchens.
  2. Black Kitchen Worktops: Homeowners will be seeking to create sophistication in their kitchen design by incorporating black kitchen worktops. These can be paired with lighter shade worktops such as light grey for visual contrast.
  3. Glass-Front Kitchen Doors: As the role of the kitchen continues to increase as a hosting or meeting place for family or friends, the priority has shifted to presentation. Creating displays of gourmet oils and vinegars along with kitchen wares is now a trend in all types of fitted kitchens.
  4. Dark Tones in Bedroom Design: Homeowners are shifting to darker paint tones including black, deep brown, copper and dark red as popular colours in bedroom design. As these colours tend to make a space feel smaller, it is recommend painting only one wall in dark shades.
  5. Bold Kitchen Door Colours: Create a contrast in your kitchen by mixing plain kitchen doors with coloured kitchen doors in the same scheme. It creates a similar effect as having an accent wall. For a truly contemporary look, try using coloured units as base cupboards while placing plain cupboards high on the same wall.
  6. Contrasting Worktop Zones:  Since kitchens are now used for more than just cooking, worktop zoning is a practical trend being introduced to kitchen design in 2014. Rather than maintain a single depth of worktop, add a secondary deeper depth with a contrasting colour or material that will create a separate zone.  This is ideal for small desk areas or breakfast bars.
  7. Black and White Interiors: Scandinavian-inspired black and white interiors are becoming one of the hottest trends in 2014. White walls, white made to measure kitchen doors, and white worktops accented with a black feature wall is all you need. Keep the look minimalist and streamlined by selecting built-in storage solutions and adding modest chrome appliances for an urban look. If the look feels cold, add in elements of natural wood in flooring or furniture to warm it up.
  8. Navy Blue Painted Kitchens: One of the most fashionable shades to enter kitchen and bedrooms in 2014 is denim blue. This navy trend is well suited to painted kitchen units especially with industrial design elements. The colour features well with exposed brickwork, rustic floors, and wooden worktops.
  9. Grey and Hybrid Grey Kitchens: Although white and cream continue to be the most popular kitchen colour, grey is challenging white for a second place finish. From striking modern high gloss kitchens to traditional styled painted kitchens, greys in all shades will be in huge demand. Another popular trend is to mix grey with another colour such as brown, suede, or sage for a hybrid scheme.
  10. Rustic Wood Kitchens: Timeless timber will continue to be a popular kitchen design trend as more homeowners seek to incorporate natural materials and colours into their homes. Whether used as an accent in flooring or as a primary feature through floor to ceiling kitchen doors, the use of timber will add texture to the space and create a natural sense of warmth.
  11. Customised and Concealed Storage: With kitchens constantly on display, concealed storage is essential to maintain a clutter free kitchen. When purchasing replacement kitchen doors, consider the many storage accessories available including pullout doors and drawer inserts. These help to maintain a clutter-free kitchen.
  12. Handle-Less Doors: The simplicity of the handle-less door continues to be a popular design trend in fitted bedrooms and kitchens with its minimalist feel. If you are planning a kitchen makeover, handle-less doors are a good choice that can actually save you money on the purchase and installation of replacement bedroom doors. They are also easier to maintain and clean. The slab doors produce a sleek and uncomplicated look.
  13. Matt Finishes for Simplicity: Those trying to embrace the Scandinavian style of clean and lighter tones will find that slab bedroom doors in a matt paint finish are the ideal choice to complete the job. In 2014, this trend is being taken a step further by adding feminine touches including brass hardware and fun fabrics to create a warm and welcoming space.
  14. High Gloss Acrylic Bedroom Doors: There is nothing that creates a sleek and ultra-modern look better than a high-gloss acrylic made to measure bedroom door. Their looks are as impressive as their practicality being easy to clean and maintain. The finished high gloss look makes a bold statement that leaves a daring and dramatic impression.
  15. Painted Kitchens Remain Limitless: Painted kitchens are well-suited to period and country homes or for those simply seeking a traditional design. The classic painted kitchen is full of character with grey continuing to be a popular colour reflecting elegance. Many are even taking the painted kitchen a step further by mixing stain and paint in the same kitchen. Grey-wash stain on walnut kitchen doors combined with white painted shelves is a popular kitchen design.