Fitted bedroom doors

Thinking of Giving Your Fitted Bedroom Units a Facelift?

Giving your bedroom a fresh new look does not need to be a complex or expensive project. There are an infinite number of ways to brighten up your bedroom cost effectively. One popular way is to concentrate on bedroom doors. Finding replacement bedroom doors is a far more cost effective approach to bedroom renovation rather than engaging in an expensive overhaul of your entire bedroom or completely replacing your furniture.

The Most Affordable Way to Modernize Your Bedroom

Our made to measure bedroom doors and drawer fronts can give your existing wardrobes a second lease of life, while providing you with a refreshing and stylish, modern look. At the first signs of wear and tear, many home owners will immediately opt to replace their entire unit with a premium-priced wardrobe when a simple and affordable replacement of the wardrobe doors will do just the trick.

Our collection of replacement bedroom doors includes popular products including Zurfiz bedroom doors, Unique bedroom doors, Gravity bedroom doors, and Bella bedroom doors. All of our products are made of the highest quality and affordably priced to suit any budget. It should come as no surprise that replacing your wardrobe doors will cost considerably less than replacing the entire wardrobe. We offer a wide selection of doors made of various materials in a variety of colours and styles. The quality of the doors with their distinctive style will immediately increase the value and ambience of your bedroom.

From wood grains to glossy finishes, there will most definitely be a design to suit your style. Replacement wardrobe doors are available to match all types of wardrobes. It’s entirely up to you whether you want to match your existing look or change it all together to something modern and contemporary. The best part is that you can achieve an entirely brand new look at a fraction of the price. By shopping in our online store, you save even more money by cutting out the middleman while enjoying a straight forward shopping experience from the comfort of your own home. Your replacement bedroom doors will be delivered to your home in just a few days.

Personalised to Reflect Your Personality and Individual Needs

One of the joys of fitted bedroom furniture is that it maximises space, promotes efficient storage, and most importantly, reflects your personal tastes and preferences. It can also increase the value of your home. Regardless of whether you inherited your current fitted bedroom furniture from a previous owner or not, every opportunity exists to choose exactly how your bedroom looks and feels while creating the dream bedroom for you. You can even customise your bedroom further by adding on to your existing wardrobe to create additional storage. With our selection of storage solutions and custom accessories, it’s easy to create a special room out of the most awkward spaces.

If you would like to save even more money, you can easily install the replacement bedroom doors by yourself. All you will need to do is take some simple measurements and order the appropriate quantity of products. This is your chance to take your bedroom to an entirely new level by maximising your living space and creating a fresh atmosphere.

Finding Replacement Bedroom Doors

Perhaps the greatest benefit beyond saving money is the fulfilment that you will get living in your comfortable new bedroom. Relaxing in your luxurious personalised space is a special experience that is tailored and reserved solely for you. With our custom bedroom fixtures and storage solutions, we can create a harmonious balance of storage and comfortable living space designed exclusively to suit your lifestyle. With the money saved by focusing on doors, you can also enhance the ambience and create the ultimate bedroom experience by purchasing special lighting. But with so many products to choose from, many are left wondering how or where to start.

If you are already convinced that purchasing replacement bedroom doors is the quicker, easier, and cheaper way to go with incredible results, then a good place to start is on our website browsing through our extensive range of products. Not only will you be able to replace your wardrobe doors but you can also find matching doors for bedside cabinets and cupboards. We can also supply new drawer fronts to give you a completely coordinated design. The cohesive look will leave you feeling like you just installed brand new fitted bedroom furniture.

Choosing Your Bedroom Door Style

Installation of your replacement bedroom doors is the easy part. All you need is a screw driver to attach them to your cabinets. To make life easier, doors can even come pre-drilled for hinges creating a completely seamless process. What may prove to be a challenge is picking the perfect style and colour for you.

If you are seeking a traditional approach, our Bella bedroom doors are the perfect product for you available in a range of neutral tones and simple but elegant styles. Bella offers a wide range of stylish doors from the simplicity of the Venice door’s matte finish to the fine detail of the Gothic style with its peaked arches. For those who want a contemporary and modern design, look no further than the ultra-modern collection of Zurfiz bedroom doors. The Zurfiz collection boasts a wide range of colours and styles including ultra-gloss black and wood finishes. If gloss doesn’t seem to suit your tastes, there is also a range of matte finishes available in modern tones like olive and aubergine. Alternatively, if you really want to be a trend setter, choose from the Zurfiz metallic line or one of their striped finishes.

Handles play an equally important role in defining the style of your bedroom. Those seeking a contemporary and modern look are opting for handle-less bedroom doors. Selecting handles for your wardrobe doors is not as easy as choosing handles for a kitchen. Bedrooms are able to handle far more unique and interesting designs that reflect your personality. Being bold is an essential ingredient for creating something modern and stylish. Glass and stainless steel handles are well suited for those desiring a modern look while wooden knobs are appropriate for those seeking the traditional touch.

With Lark and Larks wide array of bedroom doors, storage solutions, and accessories, you will have no problem creating the bedroom of your dreams at an incredibly affordable price. Once you discover just how affordable and easy it is to purchase and install replacement bedroom doors, it won’t be long before you begin planning to refresh all of the bedrooms in your home.