Three Quick (and Easy!) ways to Keep Your Kitchen Sparkling Every Day.

Keeping a clean kitchen is not only beneficial for your food and personal hygiene, but also for your own sanity. The sight of a tower of dishes and plates in the sink and crusted substances over the hob can cause quite the level of distress in the best of us! More interestingly, the more cleaning work that needs to be done seems to have the effect of postponing that work even more.

The best way forward would be to act on the spirit of prevention being better than the cure. As the saying goes – little and often! With that in mind, here are a few basic and simple tips you can incorporate into your daily schedule to keep your kitchen maintenance to a minimum.

Wipe Downs

When you’re preparing dinner or any other meal, it’s often the case that something will get spilled or some food will get dropped. Ideally, you’ll want to get these wiped away or picked up sharpish before they harden, form a crust, or otherwise decide to be hard to remove. This is especially true for your pots and pans; try to get them cleaned up as soon as you can while the debris is fresh and easily wiped away. If you’ve cooked a particularly stubborn meal, leave your pans to soak overnight so just a quick scrub will have them shining in the morning.


If you have a mop handy, giving your kitchen floor a swift and painless mop every other day would save you a big workout if it builds up. By doing small and regular mopping sessions, it keeps the dirt and grime level low and easy to maintain. The amount of time you’ll need to take out of your day would be less than five minutes for a quick refresh of the floor. Opting for a scented disinfectant will not only keep your kitchen hygienic, but give it a fresh smell after a cooking session too.

Steam Cleaning

If things have already got somewhat out of hand, then a monthly steam clean will set everything right and merry. It may take a little more time than just a mop, but steam cleaning will rejuvenate your surfaces into looking sparkly new. Once done, it’ll mean that all you need to do is just maintain it now and again with the above tips; it needn’t be a gruelling hardship!

Keeping a daily cleaning routine in your kitchen will help you avoid those days when you have to really roll up your sleeves and put in the elbow grease.