Tim & Karens Forever Kitchen

Having a kitchen that you completely and utterly love should be a priority for everyone. Your kitchen is probably one of the most used rooms in your house, where you spend family time, cook meals, and socialise with guests, so why shouldn’t you take the leap and put time, effort, and a bit of money into making it into the room of your dreams, in which you will feel invited into.

One of our many customers here at Lark and Larks, Tim and Karen, understood this importance of having a kitchen that they love and so forth decided to take the plunge and create the kitchen of their dreams, as well as it being their forevermore kitchen! 

Tim and Karen started off their journey, getting their dream kitchen, when they visited our showroom. After being shown the many options available to choose from and being given advise from our experienced staff, they were happy with the choices that they had made, and we began planning their dream kitchen with them. 

From their rough sketches showing us what they wanted, alongside their measurements, to us professionally sketching this out, planning out a design and then providing them with 3D images of what their kitchen could look like, their dreams were bought to life, and we were there every step of the way with them. Below are these final plans of their dream kitchen:

They started off with a relatively outdated and traditional looking kitchen, as illustrated in the below pictures, and were looking to modernise this. They wanted to go out with the old with their original, matt, cottage doors and cornices, and in with the new with sleek, defined lines and a glossy finish.

To do this transformation, they chose Zurfiz Ultragloss doors in Metallic Champagne, which contrasted nicely against the star galaxy granite, in which we sourced, and the champagne glass design backsplash, which Karen had dreamed of having for 10 years. They knew exactly what they wanted within this kitchen, and we were here to help them, every step of the way, to make their dreams come true. 

We were in contact with Tim and Karen for the entirety of their kitchen transformation, visiting site on numerous occasions to check up on the fitting process as well as taking photographs. We wanted to not only make sure that this transformation was going well but also document the progress so that we could exhibit this transformation, showing their forevermore kitchen being bought to life.

Now, it’s only right that we fully appreciate this walk-in pantry! 

Before Tim and Karen’s transformation, their kitchen contained an archway into another small space, but they wished to have a set of doors put up at this archway to make it look cleaner and more put together. This was a bespoke request, but we were able to provide the materials in order to complete this and the end result looks fantastic! it’s as if a new room has been created and whilst doing this, their kitchen has been tied together, with the doors matching the rest of the room as well as blending in as simply being another unit, hiding the secret of it essentially being an additional room.

Tim and Karen are exceptionally happy with the final result of their new kitchen. What do you think of this transformation? Would you have done anything differently? Let us know by getting in touch today