Top 10 Movie Wardrobes

If there’s one thing in life we are absolutely sure about, it is that we’ve got the real green eyed monster when it comes to Hollywood’s amazing Movie Wardrobes. From the open plan walk in wardrobe to bespoke designer wardrobe we’d given anything to have something that beautiful and organised in our lives….

Carrie Bradshaw and Big’s Walk in Wardrobe

Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw has had some jaw dropping wardrobes in the past, and her wardrobe with Mr Big is no exception. Big’s dark glossed drawers, doorless wardrobes and amazing use of space gives a classic yet elegant look. Carrie’s white wardrobe unit is probably the size of our own house… Don’t even get us started on the dressing room at the back of the wardrobe…

Blair Waldorf’s Walk in Wardrobe

Gossip Girl’s very own Blair Waldorf was the envy of pretty much everyone when it came to her grand walk in wardrobe. The wall of shoe racks and flawless bedroom units made us green with jealousy. The secret storage at the bottom of her wardrobe is also really handy. What we’d give to live in the Upper East Side.

Amelia Thermopolis Rinaldi’s Wardrobe

It was every girl’s dream to wake up and be told that they were the heir to a fictional European country – even more so when it came to Mia’s AMAZING walk in wardrobe. The electronic drawers were to die for, alongside the shelving holding more clothes than we’ll ever dream of owning. What we would give to have bedroom units that look that good…

Professor Digory Kirke’s Wardrobe

The grand wooden wardrobe in C.S Lewis’ The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe hides Aslan’s fantasy land, Narnia. As it defies all laws of physics it is impossible to say how much we need that wardrobe space, but there have been times when the wardrobe’s been cleared out and the amount of stuff in it does in fact make it feel like Narnia.

Cher’s Electronic Wardrobe

Cher’s walk in wardrobe is the size of a small London flat, making it amazing in its own right. The fact that it is more of a floordrobe changes very little – especially as she has the computer that will pick her outfit for her. Please let this become a real life thing.

Regina George’s Walk in Wardrobe.

Oh we’d give anything to have Regina George’s walk in wardrobe from Mean Girls. The dark wooden colour scheme, excess of mirrors and splashes of pink make us green with envy. It is so fetch.

Runway’s never end wardrobe

Technically Runway Magazine from The Devil Wears Prada doesn’t have a wardrobe as such, but more a giant floor space with an endless amount of designer goods. The railings, shoe racks and storage boxes with so many clothes make us weep with jealousy.

Madame de La Grande Bouche

The personified wardrobe in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is pretty awesome (aside the fact that she crushed a dude to death). She offers life advice, stores clothes and looks pretty good doing so…

Jane’s Wardrobe

Always the bridesmaid and never the bride, the majority of us can relate to Jane’s struggles of squeezing her 27 dresses into the small cupboard in her apartment. It looks a bit like it has the same properties as Mary Poppins’ handbag. She could also do with a few shoe racks/bin bag for those interesting bridesmaid’s shoes…

Ken’s Walk in Wardrobe

Toy Story 3 taught us a lot of things – mainly that Ken has exceptional taste in clothes when it comes to his incredible wardrobe. The bold purple colour scheme, great bedroom lighting and his love of sequins is a definite highlight of the film.

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