Wedding gifts for the bedroom

The Ultimate Wedding Gifts for the Bedroom

Wedding rules are changing – long gone are the days where the Mother-of-the-Bride has overbearing involvement in the wedding planning and bride-centred wedding gift list – it’s time for the betrothed couple to shine! Whether it’s a civil partnership between a man and a woman, a marriage between two men, or two women have chosen to say, “I do”, weddings are starting to reflect the life of the couple rather than their family’s status.

We love seeing two people in love start the next chapter of their lives together. Once they’ve moved into their own home and have started decorating the bedroom, kitchen and the rest of their house to add their own personal touches, that’s when you see them truly flourish. To help you make your mark on the rest of the house as newly weds, we’ve put together a cute wedding gift list, with PG items you can use in the bedroom on your wedding night and for the rest of your life as a married couple.


Bride and Groom Champagne and Two Flutes

Bride and groom champagne flutes

Image credit: Amazon

For something a little different, these bride and groom champagne flutes are the perfect gift. Whether you’re going into a same-sex marriage or a heterosexual marriage, you can choose which style champagne flute will reflect yours and your partner’s personalities. Use these to drink champagne or just have them as part of your bedroom decor – we think they’d look great on your bedroom shelf!


“His & Hers” Partner Duvet Set

His and hers duvet set

Image credit: Amazon

Sharing your bed with your partner is both a blessing and a curse. Positive; spooning. Negative; your beau taking up the entire bed, leaving you to hang on to the edge of the bed for dear life. This “His & Hers” duvet set is pretty accurate – change it to state who actually does take up the entire bed. Also available in “His & His” and “Hers and Hers”! The black and white monotone pairs really well with high gloss champagne or grey bedroom wardrobes. They also look great with painted shaker bedroom furniture!


Hubby and Hubby Sweatshirts

Hubby and hubby jumpers

Image credit: Ellie Ellie

Sometimes, you and your partner just want to chill-out in bed when you’ve got a little bit of time off together, and the right clothes will help you truly relax! These ‘Hubby and Hubby’ sweatshirts by Ellie Ellie are super comfy and of great quality. They make the perfect gift for any newly-wedded couple, and will bring a smile to your face when you see them hanging up in your wardrobe. Also available in ‘Wifey and Wifey” and “Hubby and Wifey”.


Personalised “Mrs & Mrs” Mugs

On the rare occasion that you and your future husband or wife get to spend a morning in bed together, it probably involves a mug of freshly brewed tea and some delicious biscuits (it’s a recipe for the perfect morning, we promise). We adore these personalised “Mrs and Mrs” mugs – they’re a must have for any couple about to tie the knot. Imagine coming home after a long, stressful day and seeing these adorable “Mrs and Mrs” (or “Mr & Mr / Mr & Mrs”). Personalised mugs by Pink and Turquoise sitting in your kitchen cupboard – they’re sure to warm the cockles.


Luxury Matching Towels

Mr and Mrs personalised bath towels

Image credit: Getting Personal

Personalised “Mr and Mrs” towels are a great addition to any wedding gift list, and look really great when they’re hung-up in your bathroom or bedroom! Using a fresh towel after a relaxing bubble bath or hot shower is one of the finest feelings in life – it will be made even better if you have your own towels. You can order these from, and choose from “Mr and Mr”, “Mrs and Mrs” and “Mr and Mrs”.


Initialed Coasters

Initialed coasters

Image credit: Ebay

Initialed coasters are the perfect way to protect your bedroom furniture from mug and cup stains, and they also look really cute. These initialed slate coasters by Dusty Rose are to die for, and come in a multiple colours. Choose from gold, copper or silver leaf to suit the colour scheme and style of furniture in your bedroom. Silver looks great with high gloss cream wardrobe doors and matte grey bedroom cupboards, copper compliments deep plum painted shaker wardrobe doors and darker colour slab doors. Gold makes the perfect partner for navy and black bedroom furniture.