How to Update Your Bedroom For Less in 7 Steps

As the new year begins, some people may look to update their homes over the coming twelve months. However, due to the struggles of the past year, money can be hard to find and some may wish to update their bedroom for less This guide looks at 7 ways you can create your dream bedroom, without breaking the bank

Give your Bedroom a Fresh Coat of Paint

By giving your bedroom a fresh coat of paint, you can instantly change the appearance of your bedroom. You can get paint for a reasonable price at many retailers, then you can paint your room yourself. 

The colours which are popular at the moment include subtle shades, such as a pastel pink or blue, or bolder with a charcoal grey or navy.

Change Your Bedding

By updating your bedding, you can create a new comfort for yourself and add new inspiration to your space. Pillows are the most inexpensive way of updating your bedding and if you would like to have a hotel vibe, overstuff your cushions by using a slightly too large inner, or by adding another inner to your cushion.

Fresh New bedding can modernise any bedroom

Give Your Furniture a New Lease of Life

Another way you can freshen up your bedroom is by upcycling your existing furniture. There are many blogs out there that can provide you with inspiration on how you can update your furniture.

Also, at Lark & Lark’s, we are able to offer you new bedroom furniture for less as we can provide fitted bedroom furniture directly from the manufacturer to you, the customer. We also don’t have any showrooms or salespeople, so this means unnecessary costs are not added. We are confident with the cost savings we can offer you, we provide a price match guarantee for any like-for-like quote.

Replace Your Door & Drawer Fronts

Another way you can easily update your bedroom for less is by replacing your wardrobe doors. This is ideal for those whose bedroom units, such as wardrobes, drawers and cabinets are still in good working condition, however would like to freshen up their bedroom. 

All of our replacement wardrobe doors are available in standard and made-to-measure sizes and can be made in many colours. This is a perfect solution for those on a budget as all bedroom units can have their fronts change, and at Lark & Lark’s, we are able to offer high-quality bedroom doors for less as they are produced and distributed on-site.

Update Your Window Dressing

Another easy way to update your bedroom is by changing the blinds or curtains that you currently have in your bedroom. You can choose whether to have blackout curtains if you like pitch-black or thermal if you wish to keep your bedroom warm. If you would like to create a lighter bedroom, then pick soft linen to maximize the amount of natural light that comes into your room.

Remodel Your Old Headboard

By remodeling your current headboard, you can update the look and feel of your room. It is a great way to add a personal touch to your bed. In addition, making your own headboard can be cost-effective and a great project to do if you have spare materials lying around.

Be sure to check our blog post about remodeling headboards here.

Invest in New Furniture

Sometimes, you might want to treat yourself and buy a brand new piece of furniture for your bedroom. Whether this is a new wardrobe, bedroom unit, or bedside unit, at Lark & Lark’s, we offer a range of bedroom units and wardrobes for less. We are able to offer our bedroom furniture for less as the units are made at our on-site factory and delivered directly to you- the customer.

Some New bedroom furniture can be the perfect way to bring your bedroom into the 21st century

If you need any further inspiration, then please browse through our blog page. Alternatively, if you have any questions about how you can update your bedroom, feel free to contact us today.