Upgrading a kitchen for less

How to Upgrade Your Kitchen for Less

The kitchen is probably the most used room in many people’s homes. From meal preparation and cleaning the dishes to a place for a quick parent catch-up and a secret late-night snack, it is, quite literally, the place to be in the family home. We open and close drawers, wipe the countertops and spill sauce and drinks on a daily basis, and with so much traffic going through the room, it is no surprise that we often fantasize about upgrading the kitchen.

However, a full kitchen replacement can cost quite a lot, and, quite frankly, it is not always necessary. There are simple changes that you can make that will allow you to update the kitchen on a budget, refresh the space, and extend the life of your surfaces and kitchen doors. Below you can find our expert tips on how to upgrade your kitchen for less.


Add floating shelves 

A simple and easy kitchen upgrade, if you need more space, is to install floating shelves on the walls. You can either find affordable options online or repurpose an old wooden garden table by cutting it into ledges. Once you’ve attached your floating shelves, use them to store glassware, spices, condiments, or bring nature in with some fresh plant pots. 

If you’d rather keep your herbs and jars somewhere where they won’t be exposed to direct light, then you can add a storage rack on the inside of your cupboard door. You still get the extra storage space but away from curious eyes.


Go bold with open cabinets

For those of you who like to collect artistic dinnerware or colourful bowls, an open kitchen unit might be a bold and cheaper alternative to the traditional closed cupboards. The lack of doors and hinges will, of course, knock-down some of the price, and you’ll be able to add character and style to your kitchen with an eye-catching display of teacups or jam jars.


Upgrade the countertops

Shiny new countertops can really upgrade the look of your kitchen, especially if you opt for a different finish than the one you had so far. A laminate kitchen worktop will be the cheapest solution you can find, but if you have some extra budget, or this is the only kitchen update you’re planning to do this year, a marble laminate worktop will add that extra high-end touch to the room. 

One of the current trends for budget home DIY projects is revamping your kitchen worktops with sticky back paper, as an even cheaper alternative to laminate. However, we are strongly advising against that, as this paper can be easily damaged by knives and sharp objects, will peel-off the edges reasonably fast, and the sticky back can ruin your actual worktops underneath, resulting in a shabbier-looking kitchen in less than a year.


Create a feature wall

The years when all your walls had to be matching are gone, and so is the trend of covering all of them with wallpaper. To upgrade your kitchen into a modern and stylish space, choose a plain wall, and turn it into a feature by adding a splash of colour or pattern with an extravagant wallpaper.  You can choose one to reflect your personality, and complement your kitchen’s colour scheme. From bold geometric patterns to rustic brick motives and leafy eco-friendly designs, a simple wallpaper can transform the character of your kitchen.


Paint the kitchen cabinets

If you’re bored from the same beige cabinets you’ve been looking at for the last 10 years, or they are permanently stained from that time you decided to experiment with homemade jam, a coat of paint will upgrade your kitchen cabinets for less than you’d spend on replacing a single cupboard. 

For the more adventurous out there, a bright yellow or relaxing aquamarine shades can make your kitchen cupboards pop against plain walls. For the modern minimalist, a matt or metallic paint will ensure your kitchen is matching the latest home interior trends. 


Change the cupboard and door handles

Sometimes there is just not enough time or inspiration to repaint or swap kitchen cupboards. If you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen for less, and save time as well, then changing the cupboard handles and the door handle is all you need to do. The best news – it will probably take you about an hour or two. 

Add some shine to your kitchen cupboards with contemporary cupboard handles made from stainless steel or nickel, or create a romantic vintage vibe with traditional copper door knob. The choices are endless and all you’ll need is a set of screwdrivers and a free afternoon to fit them.

For a wide range of kitchen accessories and storage solutions, as well as interior design advice to help you upgrade your kitchen, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.