Vinyl wrapping kitchen doors

How to Vinyl Wrap Kitchen Doors

The secret’s out. Vinyl wrapping kitchen doors provides the perfect cover up. Whether you’re thinking of revamping your dated kitchen cabinets and doors to give them a new lease of life or covering up an accident that’s better off being left in the past, we’ve got you covered. Follow our simple, renter friendly guide to spice up your kitchen with vinyl wrap kitchen doors.

Step-by-step guide to wrapping kitchen cabinet doors

What you’ll need to wrap your kitchen doors

  • A squeegee 
  • A scalpel 
  • A degreasing cleaning spray
  • A screwdriver
  • A cleaning cloth

Remove handles and hinges

Using a screwdriver, carefully remove all door handles and hinges.

Degrease doors

Wipe the kitchen door to remove any grease or debris using a degreasing spray and cloth to ensure that the vinyl adheres properly.

Cutting your vinyl

Roughly measure the size of your door by placing it on top of your piece of vinyl. Then, carefully cut to ensure that there is an additional width of 2 inches on either side and twice that at both the top and bottom.


Now, place the film on the table facing down and peel a tenth of the way down. 


Place the door centrally on top of the vinyl film and flip upside down to reveal the front of the vinyl. Smooth over the section of vinyl that has already stuck to the door with a squeegee, peeling back any vinyl where bubbles have developed and re-smoothing to ensure that it has properly adhered. Slowly work your way down the film repeating this process until you have reached the corners of the door.

Now that you have a surface that has been fully covered, flip the kitchen cupboard door over once more and create a 45 degree cut into the excess material in each corner and smooth the edges of the door once again without creating any bubbles. Once you are left with triangular shaped pieces of excess, cut accordingly to follow the edges of the door. 

Re-attaching hinges and handles

Before you are free to show off your newly crafted doors, be sure to screw any handles back on and re-hinge them back on to your cupboards. Voila – your new kitchen is ready!

Vinyl Wrapping Kitchen Doors FAQ’s

Can I wrap a door with grooves?

Yes – The beauty of vinyl is its versatility. You can easily wrap a kitchen cupboard door with grooves by using a hairdryer which should result in slightly melting the material and allow it to manoeuvre around any grooves or bumps more freely.

How long will a wrapped door last?

Vinyl wrapped kitchen doors can last up to 10 years with good care taken as it is highly durable and damage resistant.

How can I remove the wrap from my doors?

Using our favourite melting tool – a hairdryer. By carefully peeling back a side piece of vinyl and applying heat, you can release the vinyl to revert back to your original doors.

Vinyl door wrapping can prove to be quite tedious so if you have a large area to cover or aren’t fully confident in attempting to wrap your kitchen doors, there are other options that you could consider. Painting kitchen doors can be just as effective as wrapping or even replacing your doors entirely might be better suited to you. we even offer Vinyl wrapped kitchen doors, saving you all the hassle