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Weekend Project: Blast Through the Post-Christmas Clean

Weekend Project: Blast Through the Post-Christmas Clean

Weekend Project: Blast Through the Post-Christmas Clean

A quick, yet efficient weekend cleanup post-Christmas is probably the best way to avoid welcoming the New Year with a cleaning routine. Get all the help needed and make sure everyone at home contributes their bit to the weekend cleaning project.

Day 1 – Saturday

Tackling the challenge at the kitchen and the bathroom will prove to be a logical start to the project. Hopefully, the dinner table would have been cleared the next day, and any leftovers stashed into the refrigerator or kitchen trash.

• Clear out or make space in the dishwasher, if at all there is one; and stack up dirty pots, pans and plates that need cleaning. Then, start the appliance.

• Soak sticky or greasy utensils in soapy hot water and set them aside.

• Move on to scrutinising the food in the fridge, taking care to clear perishables on their last legs, and piling empty dishes for cleaning and packing leftovers for later use. Wipe the fridge interiors if needed.

• Make sure to clean and vent the oven

• Get back to cleaning the dishes in the sink and finally the sink itself. Wipe the cooking range and counter top clean and head to vacuuming the floor.

• Remember to empty kitchen trash and line the trash can with a new bag.

• Take a well-deserved coffee/tea break before cleaning the bathroom(s).

• Cleaning bathroom floors, wash basins, tiles and the toilets may prove quite demanding. Spraying the place with a cleaning liquid in advance will help loosen dirt and grime, during the actual cleaning process.

At the end of day 1, a sparkling bathroom and kitchen, a simple dinner from the leftovers, and a good night’s sleep will prove a great motivation to proceed with cleaning up other parts of the home.

Day 2 – Sunday

Clearing up the living room and other rooms will prove to be a more enjoyable and relaxing experience, with the hardest part of the challenge already being addressed.

• Dismantle the decorations, wipe them clean and pack them safely for re-use. Make sure to discard damaged wrappers and decorations.

• Place the Christmas tree in the garden and water it regularly, if it is a real one. If an artificial tree, protect it from damage and dust by adequately covering and storing it in a safe place.

• Sweep or vacuum the floor and dust furniture to clear the air. Carpets and floors need thorough cleaning (professional cleaning may be needed) to improve the air quality within the home.

• Remember to involve kids in cleaning up the living spaces and packing decorations, under supervision if required, to complete the weekend cleaning project on time!

Cleaning up after Christmas can prove quite tiring; but with help, it sure will help spruce up the home in time for the New Year!