Kitchen with gadgets

The Weird and Wonderful of Kitchen Gadgets and Appliances

In a study by design inspiration website Houzz, it was reported that the majority of 25-44 year old homeowners want to create a modern, minimalist, and stylish kitchen. This means we’re seeing a trend for industrial-style stainless steel, granite and quartz countertops, and, of course, the most futuristic kitchen appliances and kitchen gadgets that money can buy. So what are some of the weirdest and most wonderful accessories on the market at the moment? Here’s 8 crazy must-haves for your kitchen:

1. Chalkboard Fridge

Fed up with the kids claiming they never saw your note asking them to tidy their rooms? Well there’s no excuses now with this chalkboard fridge from SMEG. Works like a real blackboard.


Image: SMEG

2. Herb Scissors

Hate chopping fresh herbs? Well this nifty kitchen gadget can help. Herb scissors come with 5 blades which means you can finely chop coriander, parsley, and basil in just a single snip.


Image: Parkinsons

3. Tea for Two

Always arguing with your other half about whether green or black tea is best? Well now you can have both with this segregated teapot that allows you to brew two types of tea at once.


Image: Yanko

4. The Egg Master

Crack a few eggs into the tube-shaped vertical grill, pop in a wooden skewer, and within minutes you’ve got yourself an omelette log on a stick. You never knew you wanted it until now!


Image: Rollie

5. Self Heating Butter Knife

There’ll be no more holes in your bread from trying to spread hard butter with this self-heating butter knife which conducts body heat from the handle to the blade in just 20 seconds.


Image: thefowndry

6. Smart Coffee Machine

Get a jumpstart on your day by controlling your coffee maker from your smartphone while you’re in bed, and enjoy a nice warm cup of rich, creamy coffee as soon as you get up.


Image: smarter

7. Sushi Bazooka

If your yanagiba skills aren’t quite up to scratch, you can still make mouthwatering sushi with the Sushi Bazooka, which does all the hard work for you. Just add your ingredients et voila!


Image: firebox

8. Hot Dog Toaster

Have a craving for cinema-style hot dogs? Well now you can make them in your own home with this cool kitchen gadget. What’s even better is that it even toasts your buns at the same time!


Image: nostalgia

If you would love to tell us about the kitchen gadgets which you cannot live without then please get in touch with a member of our team. Alternatively, if you have the latest kitchen gadgets but would like to modernise your kitchens without breaking the bank, then please see our range of replacement kitchen doors.