Slab doors or Pre-Hung Doors

What are Slab Doors?

What are Slab Doors?

If you’re buying a home, or just looking to renovate, there are numerous small things you can do that won’t break the bank. From replacing kitchen cupboard handles to utilising the dead space in your bedroom, it is sure to make an improvement. Another aspect of a room you can change is the entrance and the exit. Although replacing the kitchen doors in your home might seem like a minor change, it can give your living room, bathroom or kitchen the facelift it needs. But what style of door should you go for? From a shaker door to a glass pane door, there are a few to choose from. Once you’ve chosen your preferred door, you’ll need to decide whether you want a slab door or pre-hung door.  

The Benefits of a Slab Door

When you buy a slab door, you are responsible for attaching the door to the door frame yourself. The main advantage of buying a slab door is that is costs about a 1/3rd of pre-hung doors, however, it is a complete DIY job.

What makes a slab door so great is its flexibility with design, because you are not restricted as the door comes as exactly that, a door. There are no hinges or handles that come with it. If you’ve found a vintage door then you can repurpose it and install it, especially if it is a one off. However, hanging a slab door requires patience and skill – so much so that some people think of installing a slab door as an art. Alongside this, due to its measurements, a slab door should be used for the interior of your house, as they are not weather tight.

Pre-Hung Doors

A pre-hung door is a door that is already attached to the frame. If the door is standing up right, it can be opened and closed (if the door isn’t attached to the wall, it may cause the frame to bend). This type of door comes with hinges and handles already attached, giving you very little to worry about.

If you’re adding a door into a location that has never had a door before, the this is where a pre-hung door comes in. It is great for replacing door frames that are damaged, open or exposed. That being said, a pre-hung door costs more and is a lot heavier.

Pre-Hung Doors versus Slab Doors

  • Pre-hung doors cost more than slab doors – but come with more.
  • Hanging a slab door takes patience, but can be tailored to how you want it.
  • Slab doors can be accessorised whereas you are limited with pre-hung doors.
  • Pre-hung doors are weather tight, making for an excellent external door choice.
  • If you want to replace one or two doors, a slab door is a great choice.
  • If your door frame is damaged then it should be fully replaced with a pre-hung door.

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