Great Bedroom Design Ideas

Great Bedroom Design Ideas

What Makes Great Bedroom Design?

While your bedroom design should be unique to you and your design preferences, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some fundamental design principles that you can use to make your bedroom aesthetically excellent. Whether it’s an understanding of how colour works, how best to use a limited space or what combination of furnishings really sings, an introduction to some basic guidelines can really help you make the most of this wonderful design opportunity to create a sanctuary within your own home.

For the colour scheme, the same rules apply as they do in other parts of the home. Light pastel and cream colours soothe, relax and increase the sense of natural light in the room, while darker, bolder colours can help create an atmosphere of vibrancy and intimacy. However, colour also has some effects which are unique to bedroom design. Cooler colours, for example, are said to help people get to sleep, while exciting reds have an energising effect that can motivate those who have trouble getting out of bed in the morning. Also, it’s recommended that you use a lighter colour for your ceiling, as this increases the sense of its height leaving you feeling less boxed-in when trying to sleep.

As important as colour are the patterns you utilise in your design. Creating a consistent, cohesive sense of patterning through your choice of wallpaper, curtains and duvet can help to create an aesthetic unity that complements the bedroom’s calming atmosphere. One tip is to use patterning to highlight the room’s best features. For example, if you have a striking feature like a fireplace or an impressive headboard, covering the back wall in a distinctively-patterned wallpaper will help to draw attention away from less impressive aspects of the room.

Use of lighting is similarly key. Design experts typically avoid the use of a single overhead light, instead utilising multiple ambient lights and lamps to give the room a softer atmosphere. Natural light is also very important for creating an open, airy aesthetic, so ensure that windows aren’t overly obscured by heavy blinds or wardrobes. Having a full-length mirror on one or more wardrobes is a great way to maximise natural light by bouncing it around the room, and can help to ameliorate the encroaching effect of large storage spaces.

Finally, you’ll want to do everything you can to reduce the amount the clutter in the room, as this can cause anxiety and irritation in what should be  a relaxing space. Make use of smart storage devices such as pull-out baskets and shoe racks, avoid having too many bedside tables or chairs, and make sure that there’s space on both sides of the bed to stop the room feeling cramped. Furthermore, try to make every bit of furniture an active part of the aesthetic by covering them with throws, linen or other decorative elements. This will help to tie every single element into the wider design.