Which Kitchen Handles are in Style?

When it comes to adding the finishing touches to your kitchen cabinets, there are so many knobs and handles to choose from, it can be a difficult task. The kitchen handle or knob is an important detail that cannot be missed. They have to match the colour and design of your kitchen cabinets, however, should be practical so you can easily open your cabinets. In this guide, we look at the different kitchen handles and knobs which are in style and would look perfect in your kitchen.

Handles or Knobs- Which One for Me?

The first thing you need to figure out is whether you should choose handles or knobs. The main things which you should factor in when choosing between handles or knobs are:

  • What is the design of your kitchen?- For kitchens that are going for a traditional look, then you should choose handles whereas for one looking to add a modern touch, then knobs can be a great addition.
  • Where are your cabinets in relation to your kitchen?- For cabinets that are above the work surface, you should choose knobs, for cabinets below the work surface, then you should have handles
  • Do you have cabinets or drawers?- For people with kitchen cabinets, then you could use handles whereas, on drawers, you can use knobs.

More detail can be found in our blog post; Knobs or Handles? Which Is Better For Kitchen Cabinets

The Best Selling Handles From Lark & Larks

Nickel/ Chrome Knobs

The nickel/chrome knobs, such as this brushed finish design, are a timeless classic, which works with most kitchen cabinet styles and colours. 
A particular style of cabinet door this knob suits is the Aldridge Wardrobe Door. This is because this design of knob complements the door nicely, even in the wide range of colours we offer.

T Bar Handles

The T bar handle is a classic design, similar to the nickel/chrome knob mentioned above. The design that we have linked offers a unique twist by being in a brushed finish, so can create a chic design for any kitchen. 

A particular kitchen design this handle has recently worked well on is this Venice Style in High Gloss Light Grey & High Gloss Dust Grey Finish. This is because the handle really helps complete the contemporary look this kitchen was trying to achieve.

Brushed Satin Brass Knob

The Brushed Satin Brass Knob offers a unique design, which would be suitable for kitchens creating a modern design. The brass colour is an eye-catching aesthetic, which would bring particular attention to the cabinets in your kitchen. 
This design works particularly well with the Belsay Indigo Kitchen Door. This is because the brass colour shines against the dark indigo colour from the cabinet door.

Edge Handles

The Edge Handle Design offers a sleek finish for kitchens that are going for a modern look. This handles works particularly well in gloss finish kitchens or cabinets that are made from MFC. 
An example of an MFC design kitchen is the Gravity Style Kitchen. By using the Edge Handle, you are able to create that modern kitchen that the Gravity style offers, yet still, has its practical uses when it comes to cooking.

Lazio Integrated Handle

The Lazio Handle allows you to create a minimalistic finish to your kitchen. By having an integrated handle, you are able to make your kitchen appear bigger and work well in contemporary kitchens. We offer the Lazio handle in 4 colours which are matt black, matt white, copper and satin chrome. 

The kitchen design that the Lazio handle works well with is the matching Lazio Style Kitchen. This is because the handle allows you to create the minimalistic looks which this contemporary kitchen is looking to create. In addition, the black and copper handle works well in the contrasting colours of the cabinets to help bring the colour scheme together. 

Shop Kitchen Handles & Knobs

If you would like to shop for handles and knobs which would be the perfect finishing touch then you can check the wide selection from Lark & Larks. If you have any questions, then please contact us today and one of our team will be happy to assist.