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Why Great Kitchens Have Kitchen Islands

Why Great Kitchens Have Kitchen Islands

Why Great Kitchens Have Kitchen Islands

I bet that every kitchen you’ve admired in a magazine or on the television had at least one thing in common: a kitchen island. There are various practical considerations, including the size and shape of your kitchen. With both static and mobile islands available, however, there aren’t many kitchens that can’t accommodate an island. Here are some reasons why a kitchen can go from good to great with an island!

Additional workspace

When there’s a lot going on in the kitchen, such as when you’re making your Sunday roast, preparing food for a party or baking a birthday cake, it’s always good to have a bit of extra space. Kitchen island worktops are usually deeper than ones that hug the edge of the room, so it can often be a better place for rolling out pastry or sugarpaste. It can also be somewhere to assemble all your ingredients, ready and close-at-hand, to make your big cooking project run smoother.

Convenient storage

There’s something about storage; no matter how much you have, you always feel as though you need just a little more. In a kitchen, this can be really problematic. With a kitchen island, you can store your most-used items, knowing that they are in a convenient, easily accessible place. As there is a wide variety of styles of island, you could even choose an ‘open’ design and place your most beautiful utensils on it to make a statement.

Making sense of the space

Larger kitchens are sometimes impractical and lack a sense of warmth, simply because of the open space at their centre. Although a kitchen table has its charms, it can prove inconvenient if you have to walk around it to reach cupboards and shelves. A kitchen island reduces that sense of emptiness without being an inconvenience at your busiest times.

Of course, there are many other benefits of an island. If you have children, it’s a safe space in which they can help you to prepare food, far from flames or bubbling pans, as well as a good place to sit and eat or do homework. Depending on the design, an island can be a handy breakfast bar or somewhere to rest with a cup of tea while you plan the day. Don’t underestimate how attractive the right island can be; it may be the very thing that makes your kitchen perfect.