Winter Colour Trends That Will Transform Your Home

As the days get colder and the nights get darker, there’s nothing worse than coming home to a room that you don’t love. Most people tend to settle for a functional home but don’t set aside the time or give a second thought to making it into a space that also suits their personal tastes.

This winter, it’s all about bringing warmth into our homes, as well as that much-loved cosy feeling that the winter months deprive us of.

Winter Colourways

Earthy tones are guaranteed to bring in that warmth, with shades of brown and orange reminiscent of a log fire burning while you’re relaxing with the family, and muted shades of blue and green indulging you in the natural tones of wilderness walks.

Whether you opt for a completely natural wood look in your home or the inclusion of these muted blues, greens and oranges, earthy tones help transform any space into looking homely and bright, with a perfect combination of colours to suit anyone.

As seen in the above pictures, there are a variety of colourways to choose from when creating an earth-toned room. All of these images illustrate the clean, welcoming aesthetic that earth-toned rooms give off, making them perfect if you are looking to achieve a cottagecore aesthetic in your home.

With the addition of a cosy corner filled with pillows, blankets, and warm lighting gently beaming down upon you as the day draws to a close, who wouldn’t want to transform their space in this way this winter?

But what makes this winter colour trend even better is that earthy colourways complement your room whatever the season. A muted colour palette feels cosy during the colder seasons, then pops out as the sun hits during the warmer seasons.

Winter Accent Colours

If you opt for staying safe with a neutral colour palette and creating a completely natural toned space, you may want to think about an accent colour that you would love to have appear around the room to add a pop of character. Seeing as you would be working entirely with wood and beige tones, any colour that your heart desires will perfectly match your room.

However, if you want to stick to an earthy colour palette, an explosion of green, blue, or orange would look amazing, keeping to the minimalism of your natural look whilst including a pop of colour. Remember that accent colours in terms of decorations and accessories are easily interchangeable, which is great if you are indecisive or want your room to match each season more specifically after winter ends.

Accents of gold are also a great final touch to rooms this winter. Whether it’s decorations and accessories in bedrooms, or hardware around the kitchen, gold is the perfect accent colour as it contrasts against earthy colours whilst adding a sense of elegance, as seen in the images below.

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