Your Top 5 Bedroom Design Questions Answered

Over the years we have been in business we have heard just about every question you can think of
when it comes to installing and planning a new bedroom. That’s why we thought we should provide
some answers to the most common questions so that you can jump right into process with the
information you need most!

Can I just replace my bedroom doors?

Yes! The great thing about bedroom design is that small changes can make a big impact. As long as
the units you have are still standing sturdy then you could most likely get away with a simple swap
for your bedroom doors and some accessories to match. This saves time and money, as you will not
need to go through the process of removing old units and building new ones. Shop our replacement wardrobe doors

I have an awkward space; can I still find units to fit?

Usually this is a yes. We offer bespoke sizing for the majority of our units as they are built to order in our state-of-the-art factory, so we should be able to help you get the bedroom design of your dreams that works in your space. All you need to do is get in touch and we can help you through the process. Browse our range of bedroom units.

How can I make my bedroom look modern?

For a modern look, we would always recommend a slab style wardrobe. These don’t have to be plain and can be accentuated with built-in handles or textured finishes. The colours that are popular at the moment are light gloss colours like grey and white and dark matt colours like Indigo Blue and Kombu Green. Handles should be bold and have a defined shape. Bar handles and square D-shape handles are particularly in vogue and can be purchased in a bright chrome to help make the room feel brighter. Browse our slab doors.

Can I make my units look fitted?

Of course. Though we only offer freestanding carcasses, there are a range of tricks you can use to give that beautiful, fitted appearance. We usually recommend using filler pieces to frame the units, which gives the appearance of them being built into the wall without the extra cost. Another way you can achieve this is with a bit of plasterboard. Fitting a piece of plasterboard above the wardrobes and painting or papering it to match the walls creates a very convincing illusion of a fitted unit.

How can I make extra storage space in my bedroom?

When you’re designing your bedroom, it’s easy to make a few changes to the internals of the units to add extra space for storage. Adding shelves below the hanging area for shoes or items which only require folding is a great way to fill the space inside. Another option is to add an internal drawer pack to the unit, which will provide extra sealed storage for t-shirts, underwear or other possessions. Finally, we offer a range of wirework which can be fitted into your new or existing units which enable you to take advantage of the space you may otherwise not have. See here for our bedroom storage.

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This should give you a head start on planning your bedroom installation, but if you still have further questions or concerns then don’t hesitate to contact us. Our highly trained office team is always happy to help. You can contact us either via phone or email.