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Replacement wardrobe doors allow you to completely change the look of your fitted bedroom for a small cost - saving you the time, effort and expenditure of redecorating the entire room. All our replacement bedroom wardrobe doors are available in both standard and made to measure sizes. Alongside made to measure wardrobe doors, our range of bedroom doors includes drawer fonts, cupboard doors and accessories, giving you everything you want when searching for the highest quality of replacement bedroom wardrobe doors.

We have an extensive range of the highest quality made to measure wardrobe doors and bedroom doors in a variety of modern and traditional designs, such as classic shaker, handleless, slab style and high gloss wardrobe doors.

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Replacing Your Bedroom Wardrobe Doors?

If your bedroom hasn't been redecorated or redesigned for many years, it may be starting to look a bit tired and dated. You may be thinking of replacing your entire fitted bedroom, but doing a complete refit can be a costly exercise. Instead, why not consider simply opting for replacement wardrobe doors? 

Believe it or not, cabinet and hinged wardrobe doors are one of the most important parts of the bedroom. Bedroom wardrobe doors especially tend to be quite large, so they automatically draw focus the moment you walk into the room. By choosing replacing wardrobe doors, you could be breathing a whole new lease of life into a tired bedroom, without the cost of refitting the whole room!

Made to Measure Bedroom Door Materials

Although all bedroom wardrobe doors are made from a strong wooden interior, it's the finishes that really make them what they are:

Vinyl Bedroom & Wardrobe Doors - Vinyl is one of the most popular materials for made to measure wardrobe doors because it is so versatile that it can be cut, folded, and wrapped to coat any shape or design of door. It clings to the wood underneath, so it's especially good for doors with tracing and intricate detailing.

Acrylic Bedroom & Wardrobe Doors - Acrylic wraps are quite like vinyl, but they're even more versatile. Acrylic is often a little more costly, but that's because it can be used to create high gloss effects that are almost mirror-like. Acrylic doors and panels are coated on one side and then edged in a matching or contrast edge.

PVC Edged Bedroom & Wardrobe Doors - PVC edged Melamine Faced Chipboard (MFC) bedroom doors are ideal for those that want an amazing look without the price tag. As a budget option, PVC edged wardrobe doors are a great choice. In fact, you'd have to be right up against the door to notice that it's PVC. There are numerous finish choices for such a budget price, you really can’t go wrong.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you just replace wardrobe doors?

If you are thinking of freshening up your wardrobe, then one of the things you can do is replace your wardrobe doors. It is a cheap & easy way to update your bedroom.

Can you put new doors on old fitted wardrobes?

Yes, you can put new doors on a wardrobe. At Lark & Lark's, we offer a range of colours & designs of replacement wardrobe doors in different sizes, including bespoke.

How can I update my old fitted wardrobes?

Add mirrors to wardrobe doors- This can hide any scratches & reflect natural light
Add decorative trimmings or paneling- This can entirely change the design of the wardrobe
Repainting the wardrobe doors
Change handles- These can be found here
Add sliding doors

How can I change the Colour of my wardrobe doors?

One of the simple ways you can change the colour of your wardrobe doors is by repainting them. You could also change the colour by buying replacement wardrobe doors.

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