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Spectra Marble Laminate Kitchen Worktops

Make your countertop a focal point in your kitchen

From intense granites to calm, light woods, the new Spectra worksurface collection offers a comprehensive range of colours, textures and designs to ensure that your kitchen not only looks good, but feels good.

The carefully selected Spectra range covers all kitchen trends. Whether you prefer stone, slate, wood, granite, solid colour or fantasy we have worktops which will inspire you and help to create the kitchen of your dreams.

To ensure your kitchen not only looks good, but feels good, Spectra’s range of textures adds substance and interest to your kitchen. From dramatic, highly reflective gloss to subtle, soft brushed effects, the Spectra range will help you achieve the exact kitchen you desire. Matching worktops, upstands and splashbacks provide the finishing touch and add visual appeal.

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Spectra’s large-size worksurfaces means that almost all designs can be included with the minimum number of joints.

40mm Size Availability:

  • Each Spectra worksurface is supplied with an installation and maintenance leaflet which should be read thoroughly before work begins
  • A free half-length of matching laminate edging strip is supplied with all worksurfaces to give that professional finish which is so important
  • Worktops (profiled on one long edge): 3600 x 600mm x 40mm, 1800 x 600mm x 40mm (not available in gloss or quartz textures)
  • Breakfast Bars (profiled on 2 long edges): 3000 x 665mm x 40mm, 3000 x 900mm x 40mm

Each of the Spectra designs has a carefully chosen texture to add substance and interest to your kitchen which will enhance its look and feel. From a dramatic, highly reflective ultra smooth gloss finish, to a subtle, soft brushed effect, give your kitchen a truly tactile appeal with a Spectra worksurface.

Choose from the following:

  • Glaze has areas of gloss and matt mixed together for a subtle, semi-reflective surface
  • Grain has a subtle texture emulating the natural pores of real wood
  • Gloss is a highly reflective surface with a smooth, mirror shine which gives a contemporary feel to a kitchen.However, Gloss is more prone to scratches than other worksurface finishes so additional care must be taken when handling and cleaning
  • Matt offers a non-reflective surface for simple elegance
  • Mika, with its highly tactile surface finish, gives the feel of naturally weathered slate
  • Nature has a lightly pitted surface with a subtle sheen
  • Quartz is a reflective surface incorporating dazzling multi-coloured elements which are freely distributed to give a uniquely creative finish. However, the Quartz surface is more prone to scratches than other worksurface finishes so additional care must be taken when handling and cleaning
  • Radiance has a low sheen satin texture with subtle surface detail which is similar to glaze
  • Satin is a sophisticated texture that offers a delicate shimmer
  • Sheen is similar to satin with a light reflective finish
  • Sirius is great because its heavy texture minimises smudges, finger marks and improves scratch resistance
  • Wood gives a deep brushed finish with a linear, wood-like grain.

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