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Kitchen & Bedroom Lights

Our range of high quality kitchen and bedroom lighting includes highly efficient LED plinth and cabinet lights, compact fluorescent cabinet lights and flexible strip lights

Warning: Light fittings must be fitted by a qualified electrician. Care must be taken to ensure that there is adequate ventilation where lights are enclosed in a cabinet. Light fittings should not be fitted in the vicinity of flammable surfaces.

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Picka Plinth Round LED
From £78.40 inc. VAT

Picka Plinth Round LED

Budget Kitchen Strip Lights
From £2.99 inc. VAT

Budget Strip Light

Corvus Kitchen Strip Lights
From £164.27 inc. VAT

Corvus Strip Light

Picka Plinth Square Kitchen LEDs
From £78.40 inc. VAT

Picka Plinth Square LED

Senna Flexible LED Strip Light
From £27.02 inc. VAT

Senna Flexible LED Strip Light

Solano Saboma LED Kitchen Lights
From £19.96 inc. VAT

Solano Saboma LED

Solano Sorea LED Kitchen Lights
From £19.96 inc. VAT

Solano Sorea LED

Soneo Disk LED Kitchen Lights
From £23.58 inc. VAT

Soneo Disk LED

Steina KEA Kitchen LEDs
From £30.13 inc. VAT

Steina KEA LED

Steina LED Kitchen Downlights
From £27.77 inc. VAT

Steina LED Downlight

Strata Plinth LED
From £94.19 inc. VAT

Strata Plinth LED

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The benefits of adding kitchen and bedroom lighting

Kitchen and bedroom lighting is about much more than simply illuminating a room, it’s about creating an atmosphere, producing a bright and airy space or a dim, romantic setting, and putting your own personality into the room. Regardless of the style of your home or your personal needs and preferences, rest assured there are bedroom and kitchen lighting solutions to match your requirements, ranging from high-output halogen lamps through to low energy lighting that could even help reduce your annual energy bills.

For ‘Green’ Households

It’s so important that we all do our part for the environment, and an increasing number of households are opting to use sustainable fuels and make use of the numerous energy efficient products that are hitting the market. HD LED lights are one such form of technology, known as low energy lighting.  These bedroom and kitchen lighting solutions are designed with a lens across the bulb which essentially magnifies the light. This means that less power is needed to produce what could be considered to be adequate kitchen or bedroom lighting. HD LED lights use only 1.7 Watts per fitting, and, depending on the number of fitting you have, you could be reducing your annual energy output by up to 80 percent. With the average energy bill totalling almost £1500, you could find yourself enjoying significant savings simply by switching to HD LED lights. HD LED Lights are provided by Sensio, who specialise in high quality bedroom and kitchen lighting, and are available as under-cupboard lighting, plinth lighting, or drawer lighting.

To Create Atmosphere

You may have noticed that traditional bedroom lighting is far too harsh in the evenings, especially in the morning when you’re just waking up and your eyes are trying to gradually adjust from the darkness. Additionally, strong bedroom lighting just doesn’t create a very pleasant atmosphere. For example, dim or subdued lighting is much more calming when you’re trying to unwind in bed with a good book, or by watching the TV. LED lighting is ideal for the bedroom when you want enough light to be able to see and read, but not enough that you feel you need to shade your eyes. LED lighting is available as cabinet, plinth, and strip lighting, and comes in plain white, a warmer blue, or even as interchangeable red-green-blue bulbs to really give a warm, chilled out atmosphere, and it’s quite romantic. LED lighting is considered to be a form of low energy lighting which means it uses less power than traditional bulbs and can act as a way of reducing the negative effects on the environment. They also don’t get hot like regular bulbs do, they’re particularly good for children’s bedroom lighting to prevent the risk of burns.

For Those with Their Hands Full

If you’re in the kitchen carrying plates, cutlery, ingredients, hot pans, or even if you’ve got young children who like to be carried around the house attached to your chest or hip, it can often be difficult to flick light switches on. However, walking around in the dark is dangerous, and it could cause falls and injury. If you find you often have your hands full around the home, Quadra LED lighting with either touch sensors or infrared sensors are, quite literally, a life saver. These low energy lighting solutions turn on automatically, either with a simple touch, or when they sense movement. Bedroom and kitchen lighting with infrared sensors can also be programmed to switch off after certain periods of non-movement, so you can be sure you’ll never forget to switch a light off. Leaving lights on unnecessarily is easy to do, but it can really add a lot to your annual energy bill. Quadra LED lighting with built-in sensors reduces this risk, and helps to make your home a safe environment, regardless of how many things you’re juggling or how dark it is outside.

For Entertainers

As more and more homeowners are opting to cook from scratch rather than use ready meals in an attempt to improve health and nutrition, dinner parties are becoming more popular, and the kitchen is considered to be the perfect place to socialise. It’s a place to chat with a drink in hand, it’s a place to nibble on appetisers, it’s a place to dine, and it’s a place to enjoy a warming nightcap. For this reason, many homeowners are opting to redecorate their kitchens to make them more inviting and welcoming to guests, and to give them extra special features that really make an impression. LED lighting in strip form is ideal for those that like to entertain in their kitchen. Flexible rope lights designed and produced by Sensio add a touch of class, sparkle and sophistication, as well as providing a low-light, relaxed atmosphere. As they’re made with LED bulbs, they’re also low energy lighting, so you can be sure these little finishing touches won’t affect your energy bill too much.

For Spaces with Limited Natural Light

Sometimes, strong kitchen or bedroom lighting is required, especially in rooms that suffer with a lack of natural light, either due to small windows, frosted glass, or even trees and foliage outside that block the rays. In these situations, you may wish to consider halogen lamps. Halogen lights heat to a higher temperature than regular light bulbs, meaning they produce a greater output. Commonly, halogen lamps are fitted under kitchen and bedroom cabinets that don’t receive much natural light, in order to illuminate the surface below. Halogen bulbs are generally 20 Watts and have around 5000 hours of life in them, making them excellent quality for money. Unfortunately, some homeowners, particularly those with young families, worry about the high heats and the risk of burning. If you are wary of halogens for this reason, why not consider kitchen or bedroom lighting with a dichroic deflector which can reduce the overall heat output by up to 66 percent without compromising on the light output.

Whatever you want your bedroom or kitchen lighting to do - brightly illuminate a room, create a relaxed atmosphere, add the wow factor, or reduce your annual energy bills, we have just what you need. Browse our website and check out the different styles and sizes of our lights to find the perfect fit for your home. 

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