LED Lighting

Types of LED lights

Our energy efficient LED kitchen lights range consists of cabinet lighting and plinth lighting.

Lamp colours

LED lights are generally available in cool white with some also available in blue.

Effect lighting

Create effect lighting using our LED plinth lights. The under cabinet lighting can provide energy efficient task lighting.

Energy efficiency

LED lighting has a very low power consumption and a long lifespan. This energy efficient range means there are considerable savings on both electricity bills and the cost of replacement lamps. Movement sensors to turn the lights on and off as you enter or leave the room, or open or close a cabinet door further help reduce energy usage.

Safety first

LED lighting has a low heat output making them safe for installation in heat sensitive applications.


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Picka Plinth Round LED
From £78.40 inc. VAT

Picka Plinth Round LED

Picka Plinth Square Kitchen LEDs
From £78.40 inc. VAT

Picka Plinth Square LED

Solano Saboma LED Kitchen Lights
From £19.96 inc. VAT

Solano Saboma LED

Solano Sorea LED Kitchen Lights
From £19.96 inc. VAT

Solano Sorea LED

Soneo Disk LED Kitchen Lights
From £23.58 inc. VAT

Soneo Disk LED

Steina KEA Kitchen LEDs
From £30.13 inc. VAT

Steina KEA LED

Steina LED Kitchen Downlights
From £27.77 inc. VAT

Steina LED Downlight

Strata Plinth LED
From £94.19 inc. VAT

Strata Plinth LED

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